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It all began with some handwritten lines which Anjani happened to notice on the desk of Leonard Cohen, the musical/literary legend. This was the first draft of "Blue Alert," a song which Cohen intended to record himself.

Hearing Anjani's soulful and evocative interpretation of "Blue Alert," Cohen knew that something unusual had happened. "She was singing from a place that few singers ever get to sing from," he recalls, "so that encouraged me to let her rummage through a notebook for lyrics that interested her."

An album was taking shape, but Anjani needed more material. With Cohen's permission she ransacked boxes of his journals, unpublished works and unfinished drafts, sometimes seizing on a mere two or three lines or a verse that appealed to her. For Anjani, being given access to the works and the collaborative energies of a literary master opened a floodgate of creativity.