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Anjani Thomas - Blue Alert

by Jeffrey Portnoy

The long awaited major label debut from Hawaiian native Anjani Thomas is a hypnotic, jazzy, sultry recording that makes the listener yearn for more. The former background singer and protégé of legend Leonard Cohen honed her chops in guitar, piano and voice before attending Boston's Berklee College of Music. She then played in Manhattan jazz clubs and worked with such virtuosos as Frank Gambale and Stanley Clarke.

Anjani's voice is elegant and soothing on the title track and "The Golden Gate". "Nightingale" displays Anjani¹s piano talents, and "No One After You" hypnotizes the listener and piques the curiosity to see this performer in a live setting. There is really no filler on the Cohen-produced album, as "Never Got To Love You" is reminiscent of Norah Jones' finest work.

BLUE ALERT shows the emergence and evolution of a jazz/pop superstar. Cohen fans as well as listeners outside these genres will definitely want to listen.

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