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"Blue Alert"

by Mikey T

Blog: At least I'm doing better than Britney

October 18, 2007
Anyone who knows me knows how much music means to me in my life. So I want to share an album that has dug down deep and carved a special place in my heart. Anjani Thomas' "Blue Alert" is a beautiful, intimate piece of art that I have listened to before bed almost every night for the last two months. Every song is bare and lovely and says something I wish I could have said. Its produced by Leonard Cohen and his sensibility is all over each track.

I love that I've been able to share the album with others and that they've appreciated its specialness. I put a song called "The Mist" on a mix CD for my friend Gary and he was hooked. And sometimes when I come home late and crawl into bed, Jamie already has the CD on and we sing along softly as we drift off to sleep. My favorite track is "Never Got To Love You" followed closely by "Blue Alert" and "Innermost Door."

In any case, if you love good music, take a chance and follow my recommendation - I guarantee it's worth the couple of dollars!!

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