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"Anjani - Blue Alert"

by Elly Roberts

DVDfever - UK

April 2007

Rating: 10/10+
Seeking something cool and sophisticated? Look no further than this. Once again, 72-year-old Canadian legend Leonard Cohen casts his magic spell – now he does it for Hawaiian Anjani (Thomas).

It has to be said from the outset, Anjani gives a masterful performance throughout this relaxing, soothing and intimate set of 10 songs.

Cohen says of his long-time collaborator, "She seems to be able to channel some kind of spirit of place. She has this capacity - melody after melody – to hit the mark. Not go beyond it and not fall short…just perfect."

Having studied at Berklee College Of Music, then doing the rounds in Jazz club, she ended up singing backups on Cohen’s masterpiece – Hallelujah, regularly working with him since his 1985 tour.

Pooling all her vast experience, she turns Blue Alert into an absolute audio joy, over the 40 minutes 38 seconds.

Some might say it’s one dimensional in terms of pace and dynamics, but you need to look beyond - to the poetry in motion.

This is the kind of album where singer and song perfectly meet in sweet harmony.

Blue Alert, Half The Perfect World, The Mist and Thanks For The Dance are my personal favourites.

Best enjoyed following the lyrics on the sleeve notes.

Oh, and a bottle of red, of course.

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