I have taken you  / 
I have fucked you  / 
I have made love to you  / 
In rooms and courtyards we have given ourselves to passion  / 
Swords of angels crossed over our nakedness  / 
to make love secret in the world  / 
Nothing was withheld  / 
All was generosity and true appetite  / 
Why is it even when you smile saying  / 
yes now whenever whenever you want me  / 
why is it I do not believe I will ever hold you again  / 
or walk on the street under my hood  / 
with your sweet juices dried fragrant on my lips and fingers  / 
It makes me want to renounce you  / 
and discover flaws in your buttocks  / 
and cinders in the light of your face  / 
I wait for you to damage my appetite  / 
so I can be something more than a hungry man  / 
waiting for the feast  / 
with someone less hungry than he is