A Tribute to Leonard Cohen and His Words

...You are playing to people who have experienced a catastrophe.
This should make you very quiet.
Speak the words, convey the data, step aside.
Everyone knows you are in pain.
You cannot tell the audience everything you know about love
in every line of love you speak.
Step aside and they will know what you know
because they know it already.
You have nothing to teach them...
                                                          How to Speak Poetry
                                                              Death of a Lady's Man
                                                       & Stranger Music

There is a path for every broken heart.--L.C. 1988

So come, my friends, be not afraid.
We are so lightly here.
It is in love that we are made;
In love we disappear.
Though all the maps of blood and flesh
Are posted on the door,
There's no one who has told us yet
What Boogie Street is for.

                                                      Boogie Street
                                                   Ten New Songs

Portrait of Leonard Cohen by Montreal Photographer Marko Kulik - All rights reserved

Portrait of Leonard Cohen by Montreal Photographer Marko Kulik -
All rights reserved.

Read the story behind the photo.


Updated December 14

Columbia Records and Legacy Recordings
Set to Release Leonard Cohen - Live In Dublin
the Artist's First High Definition Full Concert Recording,
on Tuesday, December 2

The first (and only) release of a complete Leonard Cohen concert
to be shot in high definition,
Live In Dublin will be available in
3CD/DVD, 3CD/Blu-ray and digital configurations.
Lensed and recorded at
Dublin's 02 Arena on September 12, 2013,
Leonard Cohen - Live In Dublin documents a peak performance
from the musician's monumental sold-out 2012-2013 world tour,
introducing Cohen's then-latest release (2012's Old Ideas)
within a major canonical on-stage retrospective.

More details here.
Reviews here.

Leonard Cohen Releases 'Popular Problems'
On September 23, 2014,
A Dynamic Studio Album Of New Songs

Leonard is proud to announce his 13th studio album,
Popular Problems. It will be released on September 23rd,
two days after his 80th birthday.
Pre-order on iTunes and
receive an instant download of "Almost Like The Blues".

More details here.
Reviews here.

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Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas has reached unprecedented worldwide creative and commercial heights with debuts in the #1 position on the official Album Sales Chart in 9 countries. It is the highest debuting album of Leonard Cohen's career! Both The Washington Post (U.S.) and The Telegraph (UK) declare Old Ideas "a work of genius," and worldwide praise continues to mount. In his fifth decade of producing critically-acclaimed music, Cohen remains at the top of his game, a rare event for an older artist. In TIME Magazine, Adam Kivel observes about Cohen, "...here he is...delivering material that matches the depth and power of that first solo record, covering the same tropes of mortality, sexuality, and religion, while remaining as vibrant and striking a poet as ever... Listeners have been relying on Cohen's heartbroken yet grinning, world-weary yet hopeful voice to get through that night for decades, and this album should continue that for a whole new batch of souls."

Old Ideas is available at

Leonard's latest book is now in stores

Book of Longing expresses Leonard's uncompromising vision
and deepest introspection through his poems, lyrics and musings
and personal drawings and sketches.

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Book of Longing

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There is a path for every broken heart.--L.C. 1988

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