(New York, NY - November 22, 2011) - OLD IDEAS, an album by Leonard Cohen, will be released by Columbia Records on January 31, 2012.

From our master singer-songwriter, here are ten new songs that mine the heart, shake the body, and break the boundaries as everybody knows only Leonard Cohen can do. A signature of our time, Leonard's baritone holds us like the voices of Hank, Frank, and Ray. These are songs that nobody knows and everyone will treasure.

Old Ideas is available for preorder now at where his song, "Show Me The Place" is also streaming. Fans who pre-order will receive an instant download of the new song.

The album by Leonard Cohen was produced with Patrick Leonard, Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo. Complementing Cohen's signature baritone on Old Ideas are the exceptional vocalists Dana Glover, Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters (Hattie and Charley Webb) and Jennifer Warnes. The album's cover design and drawings are Cohen's own.


Going Home
Show Me The Place
The Darkness
Crazy To Love You
Come Healing
Different Sides

Old Ideas will be Cohen's twelfth studio album with Columbia Records since 1967.

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Old Ideas - CD + Lithograph Collector's Package
Old Ideas - Vinyl + Lithograph Collector's Package

12" x 12" (30 x 30 cm) lithograph (on Mohawk Strathmore Grandee stock, natural, 100 lb), numbered and limited to 5,500.

Billboard for Old Ideas in Times Square, New York

Courtesy of Robert Kory, January 20, 2012

"Show Me The Place"

Lyric Video

"Show Me The Place"

Single from Old Ideas


Ça vient de sortir: Les chansons de Leonard Cohen filmées par Dominique Issermann

by Sophie Fontanel, Daily ELLE (France), August 27, 2012. Photo by Dominique Issermann.

Quoi de plus beau que ces « moments of », filmés par Dominique Issermann avec son iPhone, et illustrant tous des extraits de chansons du dernier album de Leonard Cohen, « Old Ideas » ? Rien qu'au début, ces portraits réalisés au fil des années par Issermann, le regard de Leonard sur une Dominique invisible (derrière l'objectif). Et cette façon qu'a Issermann de filmer les femmes, leur nudité, leur ressentiment peut-être, leur peau mouchetée, leur silence devant les demandes de pardon de Leonard Cohen. Leur pardon silencieux.

Les chansons de Leonard Cohen filmées par Dominique Issermann
(Songs of Leonard Cohen filmed by Dominique Issermann)

Translated by Google Translate

It comes out: The songs of Leonard Cohen filmed by Dominique Issermann

by Sophie Fontanel, Daily ELLE (France), August 27, 2012. Photo by Dominique Issermann.

What could be more beautiful than these "moments of" filmed by Dominique Issermann with her iPhone and showing all clips from the last album of Leonard Cohen, "Old Ideas"? Nothing at the beginning, these portraits over the years by Issermann, look on Leonard, Dominique invisible (behind the lens). And that's way Issermann filming women, their nakedness, their resentment perhaps their skin speckled silence before their pardon applications of Leonard Cohen. Forgiveness silent.

Critics Rave about "Show Me The Place"

Leonard Cohen Official Newsletter, December 8, 2011

Commercial Promoting Old Ideas

Leonard Cohen's New Album Old Ideas Receives Unprecedented Worldwide Acclaim

Old Ideas Debuts in a Top Five Position on Charts in 27 Countries

Cohen's New Studio Album Is the Highest Charting Album of His Career

NEW YORK, Feb. 8, 2012 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- Leonard Cohen's Old Ideas has reached unprecedented worldwide creative and commercial heights with debuts in the #1 position on the official Album Sales Chart in 9 countries. Additionally, Old Ideas has smashed records with its debut at the top of the charts (official, iTunes or Amazon) in 17 countries (Austria, Belgium, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Finland {trending to #1}, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Norway, Spain, Switzerland, UK, USA). The highly acclaimed 10-song collection of new material from poet/singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen was also Top 5 in an additional 10 countries. This makes Old Ideas the highest debuting album of Leonard Cohen's career!

Both The Washington Post (U.S.) and The Telegraph (UK) declare Old Ideas "a work of genius," and worldwide praise continues to mount. In his fifth decade of producing critically-acclaimed music, Cohen remains at the top of his game, a rare event for an older artist. In TIME Magazine, Adam Kivel observes about Cohen, " he is...delivering material that matches the depth and power of that first solo record, covering the same tropes of mortality, sexuality, and religion, while remaining as vibrant and striking a poet as ever... Listeners have been relying on Cohen's heartbroken yet grinning, world-weary yet hopeful voice to get through that night for decades, and this album should continue that for a whole new batch of souls."

Old Ideas has earned four and five star reviews from the media around the world including Rolling Stone (U.S.), Irish Times (Ireland), London Evening Standard (UK), VG Nett (Norway), Uncut (UK), The Globe and Mail (Canada), New Zealand Herald (New Zealand), RTE (Ireland), The Western Australian (Australia), American Songwriter (U.S.), Mirror (UK), The Gazette (Canada), The Guardian (UK), Winnipeg Free Press (Canada), DeMorgen (Belgium), The Observer (UK), Aftenposten (Norway), Rolling Stone (Germany), The Sun (UK), Gaffa (Denmark), Daily Express (UK), Bloomberg (U.S.), Calgary Herald (Canada), The Times (UK), The Sydney Morning Herald (Australia), Rolling Stone (France), The Telegraph (UK) and The Mail on Sunday (UK).

Old Ideas comes on the heels of Leonard Cohen's triumphant world tour. Ann Powers of NPR (U.S.) suggests that the album "...throbs with that life, its verses rife with zingers and painful confessions, and its music sounds more richly varied than anything Cohen has done in years. Its depth comes in the tenderness and refined passion Cohen brings to his thorough descriptions of being human..."

Cohen's work has received literary recognition throughout the world. In the past year, Cohen has received the Premio Principe de Asturias, the highest literary award granted by Spain, the PEN New England award for "Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence" and in Canada, the Ninth Glenn Gould Prize. Old Ideas continues Leonard Cohen's devotion to literary excellence. About the album, Jesse Kornbluth of The Huffington Post writes, "The lyrics are something else: considered, bone-deep, precise. And smart in a way that looks like his best work - a reach for what is eternally true... He insists he has no answers...but we know he does something even more important: He asks the right questions." Bernard Perusse of The Gazette in Montreal says simply, "Lyrically, Cohen is at the top of his game."

Old Ideas brought about a reunion of several players from Cohen's past: Jennifer Warnes with vocals/arrangement on "Show Me The Place"; Sharon Robinson with vocals/arrangement on "Amen," "Darkness" (with The Webb Sisters),"Banjo" and "Lullaby"; and the Unified Heart Touring Band on "Darkness." The band performed with Cohen on his sold-out world tour. Inspired partners, Patrick Leonard, Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo, assisted with the arranging, engineering and recording on the majority of the album. These collaborations have proven most successful. "Lush female harmonies still carry refrains and colour his monochrome tones, but they float on the organic pulse of a live band, that plays with gentle restraint, and weaves flowing violin, trumpet and harmonica melodies in among the glistening pearls of Cohen's epigrammatic phrases," writes Neil McCormick of The Telegraph (UK). Finally, Geir Rakvaag of Dagsavisen (Norway) concludes, "The songs are rich and musically sophisticated... Those who yearn for a new 'Hallelujah' may also come to find new evocative favorites among the ten tracks."

Old Ideas is Cohen's twelfth studio album with Columbia Records since 1967.

SOURCE Columbia Records


'Leonard Cohen - "Show Me The Place"'

Stereogum by tom, November 22, 2011

Last month, Leonard Cohen mentioned that he had a new album called Old Ideas, his first studio LP in seven years, coming early next year. And now we know he wasn't kidding. Old Ideas drops in January, and the new song "Show Me The Place," which is absolutely gorgeous, is streaming below. It finds Cohen's voice in a rumbling sing-speak baritone that recalls Tom Waits at his most restrained, and it features a hushed choir and a funereal violin. It makes me want to hear Old Ideas very, very badly. Listen to the song and check out the tracklist after the jump.

"LISTEN: The new song from Leonard Cohen's new album"

CBC Radio 2 by Li Robbins, November 22, 2011

On the scale of thrills, this is off the charts. A new single by Leonard Cohen, from Old Ideas, his first studio album in eight years, upcoming January 31, 2012 on Colombia Records, with Sony Music. It's an exclusive to CBC Radio 2, called "Show Me The Place."

It's just beautiful. Yes, a simple song and a sad song...but beautiful. Personally, it makes me really, really want to hear the rest of the album. How about you?

"Leonard Cohen Debuts New Single on CBC Radio 2"

CBC Live by Calum Shanlin, November 22, 2011

What can we tell you about Leonard Cohen that you don't already know? He's a legend. An icon. This morning, because they know that CBC audiences have a greater connection to Cohen's music than anywhere else, his record label Sony gave CBC Radio 2 the exclusive first play of his new single from the forthcoming record Old Ideas, his first in eight years due to hit the shelves on January 31 of next year. The single is called Show Me The Place...

Tom Allen, host of Radio 2 Shift said:

"Show Me The Place" is a song of surrender. Common values would suggest once you've seen standing ovations by audiences across the globe, that you might think you should be calling the shots, but Cohen is too wise for that. He's been to the mountaintop, and glimpsed beyond, and is here to tell us the best we can do is to give in. In his capable hands and with his basement-deep voice, we do it thankfully."

'Hear the beautiful new Leonard Cohen song, "Show Me the Place"'

Shambhala Sunspace by Rod Meade Sperry, November 22, 2011

Now available for your online listening pleasure is "Show Me the Place," a beautiful new track from Leonard Cohen's forthcoming new album, "Old Ideas," which - according to a press release, is "arguably [Cohen's] most overtly spiritual" collection of songs.

"Leonard Cohen Releases First Song in Seven Years, Album 'Old Ideas' Due Jan. 31"

Spinner by Jenny Charlesworth, November 22, 2011

Leonard Cohen, the 77-year-old legendary singer-songwriter, has just released his first song in seven years in anticipation of his new album, 'Old Ideas,' due out Jan. 31. The gorgeous track, 'Show Me the Place' -- which you can stream below -- is one of ten songs on the upcoming effort, a record billed as the icon's "most overtly spiritual" and is his first since 2004's 'Dear Heather.'

Poetic songs such as 'Going Home,' 'Amen,' and 'The Darkness' deal with the "most profound quandaries of human existence," according to Columbia Records, who are releasing the highly anticipated disc from their longtime artist.

"As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice," Cohen said last month, offering insight into his celebrated body of work, including this new effort. "And the instructions were these ... Never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity and beauty."

'Old Ideas' -- which features cover art and drawings from the iconic artist himself -- is Leonard Cohen's 12th studio album.

"Leonard Cohen's new Old Ideas"

GQ (UK) by Kevin Perry, November 22, 2011

Gravel-voiced, sharp-suited laureate of love and longing Leonard Cohen will return from the Tower of Song with a new album, called Old Ideas in 2012. It will be the 77-year-old poet and songwriter's first album of new material since 2004's Dear Heather and should be available from 30 January.

According to a press release, the album's 10 songs will return to Cohen's favoured themes and "poetically address some of the most profound quandaries of human existence - the relationship to a transcendent being, love, sexuality, loss and death."

"Show Me The Place", the first track to be released from the album, is a nuanced, understated piece that bodes well for a contemplative new record.

"Leonard Cohen Returns With 'Old Ideas'"

MTV by Jim Allen, November 22, 2011

Ah, yes: The deep, gravelly voice, the poignant piano plunking, the laser-guided lyrical... it's great to have the old master back in the saddle again. (No, we're not talking about Tom Waits.) Leonard Cohen's revealed the first track from his new album, Old Ideas, and immediately "Show Me the Place" makes it apparent that the Canadian song-poet's game is still as sharp as ever, as he rumbles out his reverie over simple piano and organ accompaniment. In grand Cohen style, when he discusses a yearning for guidance, slaves, and moving rocks all in hymn-like fashion, it's difficult to tell whether he's addressing the Almighty or an old flame - we're thinking it's the former, but secretly hoping it's the latter.

"With new single, Leonard Cohen delivers a sermon"

Toronto Globe and Mail by Brad Wheeler, November 22, 2011

All rise: The church of Leonard Cohen is back in session. The piano progression that introduces the Fedora Man's new single feels holy, with the lyrics not letting up on the religion. "Show me the place; help me roll away the stone," Cohen murmurs deeply. "Show me the place; I can't move this thing alone."

Show Me the Place is a restrained spiritual co-written and produced by Madonna collaborator Patrick Leonard. It touches on themes of love, god and mortality - no doubt the type of tried-and true allusions to be found within Cohen's forthcoming album, the modestly titled Old Ideas, set to drop on Jan. 31, 2012, on the Columbia label.

Cohen speak-sings tenderly in a craggy, desiccated baritone. His "head is bent and low," and the titular plea is done in a dignified manner. He (and the listener) is comforted by plush organ chords, a sympathetic violin and gentle brow-wiping from the choir-sung backup of old friend Jennifer Warnes, her blue raincoat ready on the coat rack.

"Show me the place where you want your slave to go," is a key refrain. This is about devotion, in whatever form one needs to take it. On her own single, cool star singer Feist asks, "How come you never go there?" And Cohen? He so goes there, one more time.

"Leonard Cohen: 'Show Me The Place'"

Prefix Magazine by Andrew Martin, November 22, 2011

Leonard Cohen records the kind of music that can stop you dead in your tracks. Case in point: his uber-tender, heartstrings-pulling new single, "Show Me the Place," which stems from his upcoming album, Old Ideas. As we previously reported, it's his first record since 2004's Dear Heather. And from the sound of "Show Me the Place," Cohen's kind of fooling himself with the title of Old Ideas because this song is just, well, great. It's apparently one of many that will deal with various aspects of life, from love to loss to sexuality. You can stream the track below. Old Ideas drops Jan. 31 via Columbia.

"Listen to Leonard Cohen's new song Show Me The Place"

Vancouver Sun by Francois Marchand, November 22, 2011

Master poet and songwriter Leonard Cohen has revealed the first single from his new album Old Ideas, to be released in early 2012.

The song, entitled Show Me The Place, is a mournful yarn few others could deliver the way Cohen does. You can listen to the shiver-inducing track below.

"As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice," Cohen remarked when he received the Principe de Asturias Prize for literature in Spain in October. "And the instructions were these: Never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity and beauty."

Old Ideas, Cohen's first album in eight years, will be released January 31. Many of the new songs, such as Amen, Lullaby and The Darkness, have been part of Cohen's live repertoire for the past few years.

"Leonard Cohen, 'Show Me The Place': New Song Takes Us Back To 'Hallelujah' (AUDIO)"

Huffington Post, November 23, 2011

Leonard Cohen is back with a song as haunting as "Hallelujah," and it alone is enough to be thankful for this year. Stay tuned for more like it in the new year, when Cohen's first new album of all-new material since 2004, Old Ideas, drops on Jan. 31.

"LISTEN: New Leonard Cohen"

The Quietus, November 22, 2011

The maestro Mr Leonard Cohen has a new album out in January, and Mojo magazine have a track, called 'Show Me The Place', streaming here and Soundcloud below. Those expecting music in the vein of the big band setup of his recent world-conquering tour might be surprised by this subtle track, led by piano and quiet strings, with the ever present backing singers adding texture to Cohen's rich, fragile, magical voice.

The new Leonard Cohen album Old Ideas is out on January 30th, and features the excellent artwork below. [album cover]

"Leonard Cohen Previews New Album With Elegant Song"

Hartford Courant by Eric R. Danton, November 22, 2011

Leonard Cohen is not known for rushing his output, but the veteran singer and songwriter today announced the 2012 release of "Old Ideas," his first studio album in nearly 8 years and just his 12th in a career spanning decades.

Cohen previews the album with "Show Me the Place," a song so beautiful it makes the sound of some of Cohen's earlier albums, where producers clearly didn't know what to do with his magnificent voice, seem almost criminal.

The singer, 77, began recording "Old Ideas" in January, though in Cohen's usual fashion, he had been working on many of the songs for years. Cohen offered a sense of the new album in October when he received the Principe de Asturias Prize for literature in Spain.

"As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice," he said. "And the instructions were these ... Never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity & beauty."

He certainly accomplishes that with "Show Me the Place," which comes as a free download to those who pre-order the album through Cohen's website. "Old Ideas" is due Jan. 31 on Columbia.

"Hear Leonard Cohen's Lovely New Single 'Show Me the Place'"

Spin by David Marchese, November 22, 2011

Forget turkey and a short workweek, here's something to be thankful for: a new Leonard Cohen song! In advance of Old Ideas, the gravel-voiced singer-songwriter's first album of all-new material since 2004's Dear Heather, comes the starkly lovely new single "Show Me the Place."

Over bittersweet violin, stately piano, and back-up-singer coos, Cohen, 77, asks in a beautifully grave vocal performance, to be shown "the place where you want your slave to go." A ghostly organ enters for a brief bridge, and the whole placid drama wraps up with the singer wanting to see "the place where the suffering began." It's not "Hallelujah," but it's not far off, and bodes well for the new disc, out January 31.

"New: Leonard Cohen - 'Show Me The Place'"

Pretty Much Amazing by Luis Tovar, November 23, 2011

On January 31st, legendary singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen will release his first album in nearly eight years, Old Ideas. Our first taste of the LP has arrived with the very good "Show Me The Place", a pensive four minute lullaby of longing.

"NEWS: New LP from Godfather of Modern Music L. Cohen!"

Rabbit Hole Urban Music by Paul Bullock, November 23, 2011

That's right people: for those of you who know your musical arses from elbows, exciting news. Put down your digital download-only albums with skinny kids with silly hair on the covers and bathe in the warming glow of the news that a new LP by one Leonard Cohen, Canadian poet/musician/genius, is on its way in only a month.

Details of the album are here. In keeping with (excellent) recent trends, it will be available in various combinations of heavyweight vinyl, CD, digital download and special versions with special Lenny-style lithographs of a naked lady (behold! pre-order details!).

As the cover art ably demonstrates, Leonard is the kind of guy who radiates so much charisma he can ably pull of a suit, tie and hat while sitting around on battered lawn furniture. Anyone who saw his recent jaunts down under will know how humble and brilliant the man is. To further whet your appetite, the appropriately Canadian Vancouver Sun has a streaming version of the first track, "Show Me the Place", right here. If that voice doesn't break your heart, you don't have one.

"Listen Up: Leonard Cohen - 'Show Me The Place'"

...ology by Brett Warner, November 22, 2011

A new song by Leonard Cohen called "Show Me The Place" (the first preview track from his forthcoming new album Old Ideas-out January 31 via Columbia Records) made its way online this morning. His first album since 2004's Dear Heather, Old Ideas will feature 10 brand new Cohen compositions and (ahem) ""poetically address some of the most profound quandaries of human existence - the relationship to a transcendent being, love, sexuality, loss and death", according to the official press release. Would you expect anything less from Leonard Cohen, honestly?

Bigger Leonard Cohen fans than myself will do a better job dissecting it, but I think the song is fantastic-those somber piano chords, that understated string section? The bleak gospel-soaked electric organ? Sounds like classic Cohen to me.

"Old Ideas, New Leonard"

MSN by percy thrillington, November 25, 2011

It has been a very impressive few years of resurgence for Leonard Cohen, including a triumphant world tour, the celebrated poetry volume Book of Longing, the prestigious Spanish Prince of Asturias literary award, and approximately 375,000 covers of "Hallelujah." Now comes the reward the faithful have been waiting for: Old Ideas, a brand new album of new material, his first since 2004's Dear Heather. The first song from the record, "Show Me the Place," went online this week, and the organic sounds-to say nothing of the lyrics, including "Show me the place, help me roll away the stone/ Show me the place, I can't move this thing alone/ Show me the place where the word became a man/ Show me the place where the suffering began"-hark back to the themes and the palette of his early work, with organic instruments (piano, strings, choir) replacing the synthesizers that have dominated his work since 1988's I'm Your Man. No telling if the rest of the album will follow suit, but regardless, it's an exciting development.

Old Ideas will be released in late January.


Leonard Cohen: viejas ideas, nuevo disco

Indiespot (Spain), November 24, 2011

Leonard Cohen tiene nuevo disco. Algunos de nosotros es prácticamente la primera vez que podemos decir estas palabras, porque el maestro canadiense no publica un disco con nuevas canciones desde Dear Heather, en 2004. Pero si los problemas económicos le pudieron sacar del retiro en el que estaba instalado y hacerle girar por todo el mundo (sin ir más lejos, hasta el FIB 2008 y Barcelona un año más tarde), parece que la vida en la carretera le despertó el gusanillo. Así que Cohen publicará nuevo disco, llamado elocuentemente Old Ideas, el próximo 31 de enero de 2012. Con diez nuevas canciones. Él mismo ha diseñado la portada, al parecer... y, bueno, se nota. No es para menos, porque el gentleman canadiense cuenta con nada menos que 77 años a sus espaldas, y ahí sigue, con una voz cada vez más grave, y con la capacidad de componer canciones tan bonitas como 'Show Me The Place', el avance de este nuevo álbum, una delicia sonora dulce y sentida, rebosante de poética y emoción. Sin duda solo aviva las ganas que tenemos de escuchar un nuevo disco de Leonard Cohen, quien recibió hace un mes escaso el Premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Letras y, lo que es más significativo, dio este precioso discurso cuando lo recogió en Oviedo. Bienvenido de nuevo, maestro. Le estábamos esperando.

Leonard Cohen: old ideas, new album

Indiespot (Spain), November 24, 2011

Leonard Cohen has a new album. Some of us are practically the first time we can say these words, because the teacher does not publish a Canadian record with new songs from Dear Heather , in 2004. But if the economic problems you might have seen the retreat in which it was installed and turned him around the world (without going further, to the IBF 2008 and Barcelona a year later ), it seems that life on the road he was awakened by the bug. So Cohen released new album, eloquently called Old Ideas , next January 31, 2012. With ten new songs. He has designed the cover, apparently ... and, well, it shows. No wonder, because the gentleman has Canadian no less than 77 years behind them, and that is, his voice growing more serious, and the ability to compose such beautiful songs like ' Show Me The Place ', the progress of this new album, a fresh sound and heartfelt delight, full of poetry and emotion. No doubt only fuels the desire we have to hear a new album of Leonard Cohen , who last month received little Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature and, more significantly, gave this beautiful speech when he picked it up in Oviedo. Welcome back, master. We were hoping for.


"Leonard Cohen - 'Show Me The Place'"

RollingStone (Argentina) by Yamila Trautman, November 23, 2011

El primer adelanto de Old Ideas, el disco que el viejo crooner canadiense editará durante el año que viene

Por los menos dos parámetros permiten medir la evolución de un artista eterno. Comparando su obra inicial con la reciente, la mutación de su propia música puede identificarse en mayor o menor medida; la metamorfosis de una voz que desde sus orígenes fue única pero que hoy adquirió la gravedad profunda de los crooners que residen en la noche perpetua, en el mismo punto del inconsciente en el que se gesta el material de los sueños y las pesadillas, fundamentalmente, es evidente en Leonard Cohen. La reproducción continua de una poesía incomparable que también es norma pero que al mismo tiempo permite dar cuenta de la marca temporal: no es el mismo Cohen el de Songs of Love and Hate que el de The Future, no será el mismo tampoco que el de Old Ideas, el disco que se espera para fines de enero de 2012, ocho años después del último trabajo de estudio, un par después de decidir volver a los escenarios a pesar de la edad, a pesar de la reclusión que se sospechaba definitiva. Cohen ahora tiene 77: su vitalidad y las palabras emitidas por esas cuerdas (acaso lo que realmente importa), intactas.

"Show Me The Place", el primer adelanto estricto de lo que será el nuevo trabajo, es una balada introspectiva (piano, violines, coro eclesiástico) definida principalmente por el impacto escalofriante de la narración signada por aquella gravedad vocal y la sensibilidad extrema de la retórica típica, esa que analiza la naturaleza de las aflicciones humanas, el amor y el odio, la necesidad de creer. El golpe metafísico, la imposibilidad de escapar de sus efectos hipnóticos: con paciencia monástica, Leonard Cohen vuelve a interpelar el núcleo endeble de nuestros principios como bien sabe hacerlo; no sentirse movilizado no es opción viable, nunca lo fue.

La segunda forma de identificar la transformación de un artista así, decíamos, es indagando en nuestras subjetividades. Tanto en el momento en que se lo escucha por primera vez como en el instante preciso en el que "Show Me The Place" termina de sonar, algo se retuerce ahí dentro: la ubicación natural de los elementos que consideramos invulnerables deja de serlo, todo se estruja, cambia de posición. No somos los mismos después de toparnos con cada muestra de la inconmensurable grandeza Leonard Cohen. Por eso acá no se dejará de hablar de él. Jamás.

"Leonard Cohen - 'Show Me The Place'"

RollingStone (Argentina) by Yamila Trautman, November 23, 2011

The first breakthrough of Old Ideas, drive the old Canadian crooner publish during the coming year

At least two parameters to measure the evolution of an artist forever. Comparing his work with the recent start, the mutation of his own music can be identified in greater or lesser extent, the metamorphosis of a voice that was unique from the beginning but now acquired the deep gravity of the crooners who live in perpetual night, at the same point of the unconscious which exploits the stuff of dreams and nightmares, basically, is evident in Leonard Cohen. The continued reproduction of an incomparable poetry is also standard but at the same time allows to account for the time stamp: it is the same as that of Cohen Songs of Love and Hate that of The Future, not the same nor that of Old Ideas, the album is expected in late January 2012, eight years after the last studio a couple after deciding to return to the stage in spite of age, despite the suspected ultimate seclusion. Cohen now 77, its vitality and the words spoken by those strings (perhaps what really matters), intact.

"Show Me The Place", the first preview of what will be strict new work, is an introspective ballad (piano, violin, church choir) defined mainly by the chilling impact of the narrative voice marked by gravity and that the extreme sensitivity of typical rhetoric, that analyzes the nature of human afflictions, love and hate, the need to believe. The coup metaphysical impossibility of escaping from their hypnotic effects, monastic patience, Leonard Cohen again challenged the core weakness of our principles as you know it, not be mobilized is not an option, it never was.

The second way to identify the transformation of an artist as well, we said, is inquiring into our subjectivities. Both at the time that is heard for the first time at the precise moment when "Show Me The Place" finishes ringing, some twists in there: the natural location of the elements that cease to be considered invulnerable, all squeezing, change position. We are not the same after running into each sample of the immeasurable greatness of Leonard Cohen. So here not stop talking about it. Never.

"Listen: 'Show Me the Place' from Leonard Cohen's first new album in 8 years"

Hitfix by Melinda Newman, November 22, 2011

Need a moment to center yourself before this crazy holiday season takes off? Take a few minutes to listen to "Show Me The Place," a new song streaming on Leonard Cohen's website and embedded below.

The tune is our first peek at "Old Ideas," the legendary singer/songwriter's first studio album in eight years. Out Jan. 31, the 10-song collection addresses transcendence, love, sexuality, loss and death. A statement from his label, Columbia, heralds it as "arguably the most overtly spiritual" of Cohen's albums.

If "Show Me the Place" is any indication, it is a reverential, compassionate examination of faith. In his gravelly, beaten-down baritone, the 77-year old asks Jesus to show him the place "where you want your slave to go." Bolstered by an elegant, simple piano - and later strings - the song has a feeling of a great gospel tune, although we're not sure about the background vocals. No matter what your belief, it's worth listening just to hear his sense of supplication before something greater than himself and intention.

Cohen revealed more about the album early this year when he received a prize in literature in Spain in October: "As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice. And the instructions were these...Never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity & beauty."

Patrick Leonard, Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo produced the album, which includes guest vocals from Dana Glover, Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters, and Jennifer Warnes.


"Yksi vanha idea"

Hakaneula ja jeesusteippi (Finland) by Dumbohème, November 25, 2011

Tammikuussa ilmestyy Leonard Cohenilta uusi albumi, tuttuun cohenmaiseen vaatimattomaan tapaan nimetty Old Ideas. Viimeiset pari tällä vuosituhannella ilmestynyttä levyä eivät ole olleet aiempaa tasoa hyvistä hetkistään huolimatta. Tämän yhdistettynä siihen, että sitä edeltävien yhdeksän studiolevyn ansiosta Leonard Cohen on minun lempiartistini, arkailin kuunnella uutta kappalemaistiaista pettymisen pelosta. Välilehti pysyi auki selaimessani jopa muutaman päivän, ennen kuin viimein kuuntelin sen.

Toivon, että koko levy ei ole näin vähäeleinen, mutta en voi valittaa tästä yksittäisenä kappaleena. Selväähän se, että objektiivisuus on kaukana siitä, kun kuuntelen uuden Leonard Cohen-kappaleen ensimmäistä kertaa, mutta minkäs teet. Kappaleen kuultuani jouduin pyyhkimään silmäkulmani kuiviksi.

Ei sen kummempaa tällä erää.

"One of the old idea of"

Hakaneula ja jeesusteippi (Finland) by Dumbohème, November 25, 2011

In January, published by Leonard Cohen from the new album, a familiar cohenmaiseen modest manner named Old Ideas. The last couple of this millennium has appeared on the disc have not been in previous levels in spite of good moments. This coupled with the fact that the preceding nine studio album thanks to Leonard Cohen, My favorite artist is me, nice to listen to the new-account kappalemaistiaista fear of disappointment. Tab remained open in my browser, even for a few days before you finally listened to it.

I hope the whole album is not so minimal, but I can not complain about a single paragraph. Selväähän that objectivity is a long way from when I listen to a Leonard Cohen song for the first time, but what can you do. After listening to a song I had to wipe his eyes dry.

Not too much pretense at this point.


"Leonard Cohen: le 31 janvier à l'agenda"

La Presse (Canada) by Nicola Houle, November 22, 2011

La nouvelle s'est répandue comme une traînée de poudre dans le Web. Leonard Cohen a achevé un nouvel album, qu'on pourra se procurer le 31 janvier prochain. Il s'agit du premier enregistrement de matériel original en huit ans pour le poète montréalais. Selon le communiqué envoyé par l'étiquette Sony, les dix chansons du disque, intitulé Old Ideas, «abordent de façon poétique quelques-uns des dilemmes les plus profonds de l'existence humaine: la relation avec un être transcendant, l'amour, la sexualité, le deuil et la mort».

Ceux qui ont eu la chance de voir Leonard Cohen sur scène lors de sa dernière tournée ont pu constater combien le vétéran avait encore la flamme. Entouré d'une équipe de musiciens de premier niveau, il avait dépoussiéré son répertoire avec brio. Comme on peut l'entendre sur le premier extrait, Show Me The Place, dans le lecteur ci-dessus, les nouvelles chansons ont bénéficié de l'environnement live: arrangements sobres et subtils, apport régulier des choeurs féminins. Et bien sûr, au milieu des chansons, Cohen occupe toute la place de sa voix grave, qui semble ne jamais avoir été aussi vibrante.

C'est en janvier dernier que l'enregistrement de Old Ideas a débuté. On y trouve des pièces toutes neuves et d'autres, comme le laisse croire le titre, qui le sont moins. Du nombre, Amen et Lullaby, nées il y a quatre ans. On avait également pu entendre Lullaby et The Darkness dans certains concerts.

à la parution du récent live Songs From The Road, l'an dernier, je m'étais entretenu avec le réalisateur Ed Sanders, qui évoquait la sortie éventuelle de Old Ideas. On peut lire l'entrevue ici.

Cohen a pu compter sur Patrick Leonard (Roger Waters, Madonna), Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders et Dino Soldo pour la réalisation de l'album. Du côté des voix, Dana Glover, Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters (Hattie et Charley Webb) et Jennifer Warnes accompagnent le chanteur. Enfin, c'est Cohen qui signe les dessins de la pochette.

"Leonard Cohen: Jan. 31 on the agenda"

La Presse (Canada) by Nicola Houle, November 22, 2011

The news spread like wildfire on the web. Leonard Cohen has completed a new album, which will be available next January 31. This is the first recording of original material in eight years for the Montreal poet. According to the statement sent by Sony, the ten songs on the disc, entitled Old Ideas, "a poetic address some of the most profound dilemmas of human existence: the relationship with a transcendent being, love, sexuality, grief and death."

Those who have had the chance to see Leonard Cohen on stage during his last tour were able to see how the veteran still had the flame. Surrounded by a team of musicians from the first level, he dusted off his repertoire with brio. As can be heard on the first single, Show Me The Place, in the player above, the new songs have benefited the environment live: sober and subtle arrangements, regular intake of female vocals. And of course, in the middle of songs, Cohen occupies all the space in his deep voice, which seems to have never been so vibrant.

In January this year that the registration of Old Ideas began. There are brand new parts and others, as the title suggests, the less. The number, Amen and Lullaby, born four years ago. We had also heard Lullaby and The Darkness in some concerts.

At the recent release of Live Songs From The Road last year, I had met with director Ed Sanders, who referred to the eventual disposal of Old Ideas. You can read the interview here .

Cohen relied on Patrick Leonard (Roger Waters, Madonna), Anjani Thomas, Ed Sanders and Dino Soldo for the making of the album. As for voice, Dana Glover, Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters (Charley and Hattie Webb) and Jennifer Warnes accompany the singer. Finally, it was Cohen who signs the drawings of the pouch.

"New Leonard Cohen Track"

Another Lost Shark by Graham Nunn, November 29, 2011

After recent years of touring, Leonard Cohen is showing no signs of slowing down, with news of a new album, Old Ideas to be released in January 2012.

It has been touted as his most spiritual album to date, "the album's ten songs poetically address(ing) some of the most profound quandaries of human existence - the relationship to a transcendent being, love, sexuality, loss and death."

Pitchfork currently has the first cut from the album, Show Me The Place, available for listening and if it is anything to go by, Cohen's age worn baritone is sounding better than ever.

This may be the album that kick starts my new year...

"Leonard Cohen"

Irish Times by Eoin Butler, December 2, 2011

Show Me the Place Columbia * * * * * stars

Kelley Lynch is the woman who allegedly stole millions from Leonard Cohen in the early 2000s. In time, music fans may acknowledge the debut of gratitude we all owe her: were it not for Cohen's financial woes, the 77-year-old maestro probably wouldn't be recording and performing live today. Show Me the Place is a bruised masterpiece in the vein of Tom Waits's Down There By The Train. We know who we have to thank for it, even if we don't say so out loud.

"Leonard Cohen: 'Show me the Place'"

Boiling Frogs by Sibel Edmonds, December 3, 2011

On Finding the Place Where the Suffering Began

Here is a magnificent song from Leonard Cohen's upcoming album 'Old Ideas.' I guess I have declared my infatuation with all things Leo Cohen to all of you. Our podcast shows begin with him, and then they end with him. Every favorite self-created album in my music list reflects the same: Leonard Cohen fits my world. His work fits my work. And his poems reflect it all.

When you are listening to this song pay attention to how he turns 'the suffering' upside down, and puts it in the right place where it makes sense. You know how almost always song lyrics, poems, and religions look for the point, the place, the utopia where the suffering ends? Well, Leo challenges all that with a purely logical line where he searches for the place where the suffering begins. Think about it, and think about the suffering today, that endured by us, and that inflicted in our name, on our behalf, around the world. Try and search for the starting points. Because how can we end something when we don't even know it's true beginning?

Okay, don't get me started and too philosophical here. Just listen to this brilliantly written and composed song, Leo Cohen at his best (again!), and just enjoy it. Ok?


Entertainment Weekly by Leah Greenblatt, December 9, 2011


At 77, the man whose voice falls somewhere between God and James Earl Jones on the Baritone Gravitas Scale sounds as resonant as ever; his latest is a stately, sonorous beauty.

Thanks to bigdee for finding and typing this one up.

"5th Dimension: (Hopefully) Great Albums Of 2012"

Oxford Music Blog by Jack Olchawski, December 5, 2011

2. Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas

A true poet of his time and easily one of the most influential artists to emerge from the 1960s, 77 year old Leonard Cohen returns with his first studio album since 2004. Lead single 'Show Me The Place' indicates that his newest album will follow a similar path of his recent previous releases, with his trademark baritone pushed to the fore once again. Tackling typically evocative subjects as love, death and existence, Old Ideas should prove that although Cohen doesn't rely on his astonishing poetic prose in the way he used to, he is still more than capable of crafting luscious and heartfelt poetic music. Old Ideas is available on the 31st January.

"Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place"

Edmonton Sun by Darryl Sterdan, December 4, 2011

One of the first and most anticipated new albums of 2012 is Cohen's Old Ideas, the 77-year-old folk icon's first new studio work in seven years. Here's a sneak peek from the Jan. 31 release, which is billed as his "most overtly spiritual" album: A gorgeously simple ballad anchored by a country-gospel piano and topped with Cohen's spectacularly craggy, weathered pipes. Stunning.

"Leonard Cohen - 'Show Me The Place'"

Rolling Stone by Jon Dolan, December 7, 2011

Cohen's first album since 2004, due in January, is called Old Ideas, and that's pretty much what its first official song is all about: a 77-year-old folk O.G. getting in touch with the essentials of his songwriting. His Cookie Monster-does-Deuteronomy baritone has long transcended ephemeral considerations like melody and tone, and the somber piano and stark religious imagery - warmed by a French-Canadian parlor-folk accompaniment and background vocals from old pal Jennifer Warren - will remind many of "Hallelujah." "Show me the place where the word became a man / Show me the place where the suffering began," Cohen growls, bringing to mind hard-nosed meditations on mortality by fellow septuagenarians Bob Dylan and Paul Simon. He's staring down the eternal with unblinking honesty and a primordial sense of purpose.

"RS Playlist Our Favorite Songs, Albums, and Videos Right Now"

Rolling Stone, December 22, 2011

1. LEONARD COHEN "Show Me the Place"

Is that the voice of God we hear rumbling from on high? Basically! Taking a break from eternal enlightenment and romancing superfoxy spies-or whatever he does with his downtime- Leonard Cohen returns with this heavy, mortality-facing ballad. It's Cohen's first blast from the forthcoming Old Ideas (out next year), his first since 2004. Yesssss!

"Leonard Cohen - 'Show Me The Place'"

NME by Ben Hewitt, December 6, 2011

It's been almost eight years since we've heard from ol' Len, but everyone's favourite lachrymose troubadour hasn't missed a step: the first taster from his new album sees him, with that molasses-thick voice, still puzzling over sex, death and the human condition. 'Old Ideas' perhaps, but presented exquisitely.

"New single Leonard Cohen: Show Me The Place"

Guess What? by Thomas, November 23, 2011

Anyone who thought that the legendary songwriter Leonard Cohen to retire by now has been wrong. After eight years of silence, the singer-songwriter with voice voice back with a new single and new album. At the age of 77 ladies and gentlemen. Cohen, the working model for the Netherlands. Retirement is for wimps. Listen below to the new single "Show Me The Place', which the voice of the old master darker and rawer sound than ever. The new album titled "Old Ideas "will be released Jan. 31.


"Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place (uusi kappale)"

Slow Show (Finland) by Juhani klo, November 22, 2011

Oman asian esittelyä ei tietysti koskaan saisi aloittaa sen miinoittamisella. Mutta toisaalta ei voi odottaa, että samoja ihmisiä kiinnostaa Jamie XX :n Radiohead rework (joka muuten on awesome!) ja toisaalta veteraaniartisti Leonard Cohen in uusi kappale, vaikka mua kiinnostaakin. Jatketaan heti seuraavassa postauksessa vaikka seuraavalla buzzbandillä tai sitä manttelia tavoittelevalla, mutta suodaan nyt Cohenille paikka parrasvaloissa jälleen kerran. Uusi albumi Old Ideas ilmestyy tammikuun lopulla ja siltä kuullaan nyt ensimmäinen kappale Show Me The Place. Pianovetoinen kappale taustalaulajineen on yhtä vähäeleinen kuin millaisena Cohen on totuttu näkemään, varsinkin viime vuosina. Bassoksi jo useita auringonkiertoja sitten kääntynyt ääni rouhii syvemmältä kuin kenties koskaan, testikkeleistä asti. Kappale on koskettava ja tuntuu kantavan tulkitsijansa arpia sävelkielessään. Tämä tuntuu kaikin puolin oikealta tavalta Cohenille palata uusin kappalein. Odotamme lisää.

"Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place (new song)"

Slow Show (Finland) by Juhani klo, November 22, 2011

Own the presentation does not, of course, could never begin to mine-laying. But on the other hand can not expect that the same people are interested in Jamie XX Radiohead rework (which incidentally is awesome!) And the veteran artist, Leonard Cohen, in a new song, even me interested. Continue in the next postings even though the next buzzbandillä or pursue a mantle, but now bestowed Cohen place the limelight once again. The new album, Old Ideas will appear at the end of january, and it is now being consulted first song Show Me The Place. The piano-driven song taustalaulajineen is as minimal as how Cohen is accustomed to, especially in recent years. Bassoksi several auringonkiertoja then turned to voice rouhii deeper than perhaps ever before, testikkeleistä up. The song is a poignant and seems to carry the scars to interpret their place in musical idiom. This seems to be in every way the right way to return to Cohen's latest song. We look forward to more.


"Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place"

Bon pour les oreilles (France) by Christophe Schenk, November 23, 2011

C'est une news tombée hier matin. Le nouvel album de Leonard Cohen s'appellera Old Ideas. Et sortira le 31 janvier. En bonus, une pochette, plutôt moche, et l'annonce d'un premier titre en écoute sur le site du musicien canadien... mais qui ne marchait pas encore. Tant mieux, dans un sens, tant les dernières nouvelles discographiques de Cohen - live exceptés - avaient laissé déçu, jusqu'à écorcher le mythe.

Et puis, un peu plus tard dans la journée, cette chanson est arrivée, partagée sur le net, de blogs en réseaux sociaux. Au moment de cliquer, une certaine crainte mais surtout - soyons francs - de l'impatience. Et de l'espoir. Un espoir récompensé, contre toute attente. Dépouillée, sobre même, Show Me The Place est sans doute la meilleure chanson de Leonard Cohen depuis... on en oublierait presque quand (allez, disons The Future, il y a 19 ans, et Waiting For The Miracle). On savoure ces quatre minutes, donc, et on attend avec un peu plus d'espoir et d'impatience encore Old Ideas, qui sera sans doute complété par un concert en juillet, dans le cadre du Montreux Jazz Festival.

"Leonard Cohen - Show Me The Place"

Bon pour les oreilles (France) by Christophe Schenk, November 23, 2011

This is a news dropped yesterday morning. The new album by Leonard Cohen called Old Ideas . And will be released January 31. As a bonus, a pocket, rather ugly, and the announcement of a first title in listening on the website of the Canadian musician ... but that did not. Good, in a sense, as the latest discographic Cohen - Live excepted - were left disappointed, skinning up the myth.

And a little later in the day, this song came, shared on the net, blogging social networks. Upon clicking, some fear but above all - let's face it - impatience. And hope. Hope rewarded, against all odds. Stripped, even sober, Show Me The Place is probably the best song of Leonard Cohen since ... you could almost forget when (come on, let's say The Future , 19 years ago, and Waiting For The Miracle ). We savor these four minutes, then, and it looks a little more hope and impatience even Old Ideas , which will probably be completed by a concert in July, as part of the Montreux Jazz Festival.


"Leonard Cohen dévoile un nouveau morceau, à l'écoute"

France Télévisions (France) by Laura Narlian, November 22, 2011

Le chanteur, poète et musicien canadien dévoile son premier morceau depuis sept ans. "Show Me The Place" est offert en prélude à la sortie d'un nouvel album très attendu de Leonard Cohen prévu en janvier.

Ce superbe morceau, dominé par la voix profonde de l'icône, annonce la teneur de "Old Ideas", son premier disque depuis "Dear Heather" qui remonte à 2004.

"Old Ideas", un album à forte teneur spirituelle

Ce prochain disque, long de dix titres, est donné par sa maison de disques comme le "plus ouvertement spirituel" de sa carrière. Leonard Cohen, 77 ans, qui s'était retiré durant 5 ans dans un monastère bouddhiste au milieu des années 90, y chante des titres tels que "Amen", "Going Home" et "The Darkness" (un titre à écouter ci-dessous), qui évoquent "les plus profonds dilemnes de l'existence humaine", explique Columbia.

"En vieillissant, j'ai compris que des instructions étaient données par cette voix", déclarait récemment celui qui avait été ordonné moine zen sous le nom de Jikan ("Le silencieux"). Quelles instructions ? "Ne jamais se lamenter avec désinvolture. Et si l'on exprime l'inévitable défaite qui nous attend tous, cela doit être fait dans le strict respect de la dignité et de la beauté".

"Old Ideas", qui est son 12e album studio, sera accompagné de dessins de l'artiste lui-même, y compris la pochette. On ignore encore si Leonard Cohen défendra ce disque en tournée. "Si Dieu le veut", offre-t-il en guise de réponse à ce sujet. La dernière tournée du poète, entre 2008 et 2010, avait été la plus longue de sa carrière avec quelques 250 dates.

"Leonard Cohen announces a new song, listen to"

France Télévisions (France) by Laura Narlian, November 22, 2011

The singer, Canadian poet and musician reveals his first piece for seven years. "Show Me The Place" is offered as a prelude to the release of a highly anticipated new album of Leonard Cohen scheduled for January.

This beautiful piece, dominated by the deep voice of the icon, announces the content of "Old Ideas," his first album since "Dear Heather" dating back to 2004.

"Old Ideas", an album with a strong spiritual content of

this next album, ten tracks long, is given his record as "more overtly spiritual" of his career. Leonard Cohen, 77, who had retired for 5 years in a Buddhist monastery in the mid-90s, sings titles such as "Amen," "Going Home" and "The Darkness" (a title below to listen below), evoking "the most profound dilemmas of human existence," says Columbia.

"As you get older, I realized that instructions were given by the voice," said one who had recently been ordained Zen monk under the name of Jikan ("The Quiet"). What instructions? "Do not lament casually. And if one expresses the inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done in strict respect for the dignity and beauty."

"Old Ideas," which is his 12th studio album, will be accompanied by drawings by the artist himself, including the cover. It is unclear whether this disc will defend Leonard Cohen on tour. "God willing," he offers as an answer on this. The last tour of the poet, between 2008 and 2010, was the longest of his career with some 250 dates.

"MUSIC: 21 stellar songs for your 2011 collection"

Wicked Local-North of Boston by Peter Chianca, December 19, 2011

"Show Me The Place," Leonard Cohen. Haunting and elegiac, it sounds like Cohen is back with a vengeance - his "Old Ideas," coming in January, should be a highlight of 2012.


"Show me the place - Leonard Cohen (testo, traduzione e video)"

Concerti Online (Italy) by Federico A, November 27, 2011

Un grande ritorno quello di Leonard Cohen, a quasi 8 anni di distanza dall'ultimo album di inediti "Dear Heather".

Leonard Cohen ha pubblicato sul suo sito ufficiale un brano inedito intitolato "Show me the place" che sarà contenuto all'interno di "Old ideas", nuovo album del cantautore e poeta canadese in uscita il 31 gennaio 2012.

Un grande ritorno quello di Leonard Cohen, a quasi 8 anni di distanza dall'ultimo album di inediti "Dear Heather". Questa "Show me the place" è davvero una canzone eccezionale (quando mai Cohen ha prodotto qualcosa che possa considerarsi meno di ottimo?) anche se certamente non scalerà le classifiche. Un brano intenso e sofferto, con piano, organo e l'inconfondibile e commovente voce di Cohen che scava in profondità nell'animo dell'ascoltatore. Uno di quei brani che solo i grandi poeti sono in grado di scrivere e interpretare (mi vengono in mente "Perfect day" di Lou Reed e "Hurts" di Trent Reznor interpretata da Johnny Cash). Un'anteprima con i controfiocchi insomma, che lascia ben sperare per il resto dell'album, annunciato come l'album spirituale di Leonard Cohen.

Per chi è stanco delle solite iperproduzioni da classifica in "Old ideas" torverà" quasi certamente pane per i propri denti.

"Show me the place - Leonard Cohen (text, translation and video)"

Concerti Online (Italy) by Federico A, November 27, 2011

A great return to Leonard Cohen almost 8 years after the last album "Dear Heather".

Leonard Cohen has published on its official website a new song titled "Show me the place" that will be contained within the "Old ideas", new album by the Canadian poet and songwriter out January 31, 2012.

A great return to Leonard Cohen almost 8 years after the last album "Dear Heather". This "Show me the place" is really a great song (when Cohen never produced anything that could be considered less than good?) But by no means will climb the charts. A song and suffered intense, with piano, organ, and the unmistakable voice and moving Cohen digs deep in the soul of the listener. One of those songs that only the great poets are able to write and interpret (I can think of "Perfect Day" by Lou Reed and "Hurts" by Trent Reznor played by Johnny Cash). A preview with controfiocchi in short, that bodes well for the rest of the album, announced as the album's spiritual Leonard Cohen.

For those who are tired of the usual overproduction of the charts in "Old ideas" almost certainly Torver bread for their teeth.

"The Year That Was: Releases"

The Music (Australia), December 22, 2011

To wrap up a year of Friday releases, we look to the album's we're looking forward to being released in 2012. From DZ Deathrays to Leonard Cohen...

Leonard Cohen
Anticipating this probably moreso than a new Bruce Springsteen record, if you were at his most recent Australian shows you'll know that the new tracks from the poetic legend are as strong as we've come to expect.


"LEONARD COHEN, 'Show Me The Place'"

Gabba Gabba Hey! (Spain), November 29, 2011

Señor Cohen, permítame que sea yo quien me quite el sombrero (2011).

Leonard Cohen es un género en sí mismo. Más aún, es mucho más que música, y lo digo yo, que creo que la música en sí misma es muchas cosas. Leonard Cohen es poeta, novelista, cantante... y mucho más; un hombre que transmite honradez en un mundo corrupto; un hombre sabio en un mundo en el que cualquiera habla sin saber; un hombre espiritual en un mundo en el que lo más profundo es un debate a muerte de telebasura... Un hombre extraño y extraordinario, fuera de su tiempo. Si este blog es de música del siglo XXI no es porque el tiempo que nos ha tocado vivir me aparezca especialmente admirable... Es simplemente porque es nuestro tiempo, aunque me entristezca... Leonard Cohen, el hombre atemporal, el que nunca estuvo a la moda, es un tesoro que envejece pero sigue reluciente. Su discurso reciente en la recogida del Premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Letras este 2011 es una buena muestra... No sé si estuvo más brillante o más emotivo.

Cuando Leonard Cohen habla o canta, que no hay gran diferencia, se hace el silencio, cualquiera sabe que él sólo es capaz con su presencia de crear una atmósfera sagrada en la que actúa a modo de cura laico, no en vano su apellido judío, Cohen, no significa otra cosa que "sacerdote". Pues bien, el sacerdote de lo emoción y la poesía sacará disco en el 2012 y "Show Me The Place" es el adelanto que ha vuelto a dejar con la boca abierta y el corazón en un puño al personal. No sólo porque ya nadie daba un duro porque el mítico cantante canadiense fuera capaz de volver a sacar un disco de canciones originales, siete años después de su último trabajo de estudio. Sino porque a los 77 años, este "Show Me The Place" recuerda al mejor Leonard Cohen. Otros grupos y artistas que ya son mitos de la música se forran en este siglo viviendo de las rentas del siglo pasado, cuando realmente fueron muy grandes. Sin embargo... este tipo... joder... es capaz de que su nuevo disco que saldrá en enero del 2012 sea una de las novedades más esperadas.

Y todo porque "Show Me The Place" vuelve a crear esa atmósfera y esa mística. Hace mucho que no voy a misa, pero cuando escucho esta nueva canción de Cohen siento que algo trascendente e importante flota en el ambiente como cuando creía en Dios. Su voz es más grave y profunda que nunca, pero que nadie crea que es un viejo de voz ahogada. Su voz suena a toda una vida sabia convertida en sonido que sale de muy adentro, lentamente, como se perciben las cosas importantes de la vida. Es formalmente simple, apenas un piano por aquí, un tímido coro por allá, una letra sencilla... Y sin embargo ese lugar que quiere ver Leonard es una metáfora que cada uno debe encontrar su propio sentido, si es que se le quiere encontrar más sentido a algo que ya de por sí es sencillamente bello.

En la sociedad de la prisa, en la sociedad del usar y tirar, en el que se premia a Lady Gaga y una tal Belén Esteban es la mujer más conocida de España... en esa sociedad la música de Leonard Cohen puede costar. Incluso puede aburrir. Por suerte, me doy cuenta de que hay alguna ventaja de cumplir años, y una es que dejas de tener prisa y eres capaz de escuchar una canción como esta con los ojos cerrados.

"Old Ideas" es el título del disco. Qué curioso... tengo ganas de pensar que el metafórico Leonard, en este mundo en cambio, reivindica las viejas ideas y los viejos ideales. Probablemente sea su último disco, quién sabe si su última gira. Qué ganas tengo de ver aparecer la elegante figura, a la persona humilde a pesar de que se le recibe como un mito viviente. Qué ganas tengo de escuchar al músico que aún late con fuerza.

"LEONARD COHEN, 'Show Me The Place'"

Gabba Gabba Hey! (Spain), November 29, 2011

Mr. Cohen, let me be me who I take my hat (2011).

Leonard Cohen is a genre in itself. Moreover, it is much more than music, and I say, I think the music itself is many things. Leonard Cohen is a poet, novelist, singer... and much more, a man who conveys honesty in a corrupt world, a wise man in a world where anyone speaks without knowledge, a spiritual man in a world where the bottom is death of a trash TV debate... A strange man and extraordinary, out of time. If this blog is XXI century music is not because as long as we live... I appear especially impressive because it's just our time, though I grieve... Leonard Cohen, timeless man, who was never in fashion, is a treasure aging but still crisp. His recent speech in the collection of the Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature this 2011 is a good sign... I do not know if it was brighter or emotional.

When Leonard Cohen speaks, or sings, there is not much difference, there is silence, everyone knows that he is only capable with his presence to create a sacred atmosphere in which acts as a secular priest, not in vain his Jewish name, Cohen does not mean anything but "priest." Well, the priest of poetry will bring excitement and drive in 2012 and "Show Me The Place" is the breakthrough that has once again left with an open mouth and bated staff. Not only because it was a tough one because the legendary Canadian singer was able to back out an album of original songs, seven years after their last studio work. But because at age 77, the "Show Me The Place" recalls the best Leonard Cohen. Other groups and artists who are myths of music in this century are lined living off the past century, when they really were very great. However ... this guy ... fuck ... is capable of that his new album due out in January 2012 as one of the most expected.

And all because "Show Me The Place" re-create that atmosphere and the mystique. I have not go to church, but when I hear this new song by Cohen feel that something transcendent and important fleet in the environment when I believed in God. His voice is more serious and deeper than ever, but nobody thinks it is an old man choked voice. His voice sounds wise a lifetime turned into sound that comes from deep inside, slowly, things are perceived as important in life. It is formally simple, just a piano here, a shy choir there, a simple letter ... And yet the place you want to see Leonard is a metaphor that everyone must find their own way, if you want to find more meaning to something that already is simply beautiful.

In the society of the rush, the throwaway society, which is awarded to Lady Gaga and such a woman Belén Esteban is the most famous of Spain ... in that society the music of Leonard Cohen can cost. You can even get bored. Luckily, I realize that there is some advantage to have a birthday, and one is that you leave in a hurry and are willing to listen to a song like this with your eyes closed.

"Old Ideas" is the title of the disc. How odd ... I have wanted to believe that the metaphorical Leonard, in this changing world, claims the old ideas and old ideas. Probably his last album, who knows if his last tour. What I have wanted to see appear the elegant figure, despite the humble person that receives it as a living legend. What I have wanted to hear the music still pounding.


"Leonard Cohen ei siirry eläkkeelle"

Lily (Finland) by Anna, November 23, 2011

Kun Justin Bieber ähkii baby babya, tuntuu se vaivaannuttavalta. Kun 77-vuotias Leonard Cohen hönkii samoja sanoja, tuntuu siltä, että hän todellakin tietää, mistä laulaa.

Iloisia uutisia Cohenin musiikin ystäville: runoilija-muusikko julkaisee 1. helmikuuta 2012 uuden studioalbumin nimeltään Old Ideas. Sarjassaan levy on miehen 12. studioalbumi. Loistavaa!

Arvostetun muusikon ura on jatkunut jo kuusi vuosikymmentä. Sain itse kokea miehen uskomattoman karisman, kunnon ja taidon viime kesänä Areenalla ja voi vain toivoa, että olisi yhtä viriilissä kunnossa itse lähes kasikymppisenä. Mikä on hänen salaisuutensa? Huumori, buddhalaisuus, henkisyys, nuori rakas vai ehkäpä mystinen lääke?

Runollisista sanoituksistaan tunnetun Cohenin on kerrottu kirjoittaneen Old Ideas -levylle lauluja suhteesta tuonpuoleiseen, rakkauteen, menetykseen, kuolemaan ja - ehkä hieman yllättäen - seksuaalisuuteen. Elämänkokemuksellasi, Cohen, odotukset ovat korkealla. Baby baby.

Tulevalta levyltä on nyt kuunneltavissa kappale Show Me The Place, joka on sanalla sanoen mahtava. Kuuntele ja nauti.

Vertailun vuoksi näyte herra Cohenin äänestä kuusikymmenluvulla. Aikamoinen muutos vuosikymmenien saatossa! Rakkauslaulujen aatelia: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye.

Loppuun vielä Cohenin kappaleista ehdoton suosikkini, Anthem, jonka sanoitukset ovat silkkaa neroutta. Videosta voi katsastaa herran livekunnon parin vuoden takaa.

Kirjoitin Cohenista myös täällä, kun listasin parhaita nukahtamisbiisejä. Show Me The Place pääsi juuri samalle listalle.

"Leonard Cohen does not go to retire"

Lily (Finland) by Anna, November 23, 2011

When Justin Bieber ähkii babya baby, feel it vaivaannuttavalta. When the 77-year-old Leonard Cohen hönkii the same words, it seems that he really knows what to sing.

Cohen's happy news for music lovers: the poet-musician, published on 1 February 2012, a new studio album called Old Ideas. A league record is 12, the man studio album. Brilliant!

Prestigious career as a musician has been going on for six decades. I got to experience the man's incredible charisma, fitness and skill at the Arena last summer, and can only hope that it would be equally virile shape itself almost kasikymppisenä. What is his secret? Humor, Buddhism, spirituality, young love, or perhaps a mystical medicine?

Cohen's poetic lyrics with well-known have been told author of Old Ideas-disc songs in relation to the afterlife, love, loss, death, and - perhaps surprisingly - sexuality. Your life, Cohen, expectations are high. Baby Baby.

From the upcoming album is now to listen to song Show Me The Place, which is a word, awesome. Listen and enjoy.

By comparison, Mr. Cohen will vote for sixties. Quite a change over the decades! Love Songs nobility: Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye.

Yet the end of Cohen's absolute favorite songs, Anthem, the lyrics are pure genius. Video can check out a live lord of the condition two years ago.

Cohen also wrote here, when you listed a best nukahtamisbiisejä. Show Me The Place got exactly the same list.

"Leonard Cohen to Release Old Ideas"

The Morton Report by Matt Rowe, December 31, 2011

New album will arrive at end of January, his first studio work since 2004.

Since 2001, Leonard Cohen has come alive musically. He had released the successful and well-received Ten New Songs, following that up with Dear Heather a few years later in 2004. Before that, his last studio release was The Future way back in 1992.

Following a highly publicized and well-attended world tour, Leonard Cohen released several related live offerings, Live In London (2009), and Songs From the Road released just a year later. Both live albums represent the phenomenon that has revitalized the Leonard Cohen that many of us had known and loved for many years prior.

Although Leonard Cohen is now 77, our Hall of Famer hasn't slowed down too much. Although it's been a few years since Dear Heather (he's been out on tour, remember), Leonard Cohen is about to provide his latest new album to a public anxious for it.

On January 31, Columbia Records will release Old Ideas, an album of ten new songs. A single from the album, "Show Me the Place" has already been released and can be instantly downloaded if a pre-order is placed. The new song shows that Leonard Cohen has kept his lyrical prowess intact. Musically, the song reflects the current Cohen style that is heard on both Ten New Songs, and Dear Heather. The song is destined to be a Cohen classic.

Cohen had this to say about his upcoming release: "As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice. And the instructions were these...Never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity & beauty."

Old Ideas is slated for release on CD, LP, and DD. However you choose to listen to Leonard Cohen, one thing is immediately assured. You will be entertained by one of the great masters of our time.

Leonard Cohen, you're always welcome!

"Pop Notes: The Future"

The New Yorker by John Donohue, January 2, 2012

New Year's mean new releases; here are some albums of note that we are looking forward to spending more time with over the next few months...

"Old Ideas" (Columbia; Jan. 31st), Leonard Cohen's twelfth studio album, finds the seventy-seven-year-old singer-songwriter squaring up against the inevitable even more than usual. The opener, "Going Home," is a self-referential assessment of a long life's final movement ("I'd love to speak with Leonard / He's a sportsman and a shepherd / He's a lazy bastard living in a suit"); elsewhere, "Show Me the Place" demonstrates his flair for erotic spirituality, and "Banjo" mixes metaphysics, music, and marine pollution.

"Leonard Cohen 'Show Me the Place'"

Reviler by Josh, January 3, 2012

Leonard Cohen is one of those people, like Tom Waits or Nick Cave, whose music never runs the risk of weathering with age. Although none were aesthetically perfect, it wasn't like any of them, and Cohen in particular, had any especially embarrassing phases to scrub from the record. Their output when they were in their 20s and 30s was so classic, fully developed, and timeless that their later work is simply an extension of their early work. The first song from the forthcoming Old Ideas LP (from a nearly 80-year-old Cohen, no less) is the listful ballad "Show Me the Place," which sounds like a mixture between sad Christmas music and a funeral ballad. The simple piano arrangements create a sparse canvas for Cohen to tell his poetic stories in his trademark smoky baritone. Most artists have long since passed their songwriting prime by their 75th birthday, but for someone like Mr. Cohen, who sounded old when he was young, age is simply a number. I don't know if the whole LP will be full of worthwhile additions to his catalog, but if anyone can pull it off, it would be Leonard Cohen.

"Five Albums You Shouldn't Miss In 2012: Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas (Jan. 31)"

Folk Alley by Matt Reilly, January 9, 2012

Any release from Leonard Cohen is welcome in my world, particularly one which delivers brand new songs. There are ten of them on this disc and, based on the one that's available for streaming on his website, it's bound to do all the things we've come to expect from Cohen's music: seduce, question, darken, meditate, and inspire.

"Ten albums you cannot miss this month - January 2012: Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas"

The Upcoming by Freddy Powys, January 8, 2012

77 years old and still able to inspire and amaze - witness his recent marathon world tour, which somehow turned cavernous arenas into intimate musical communities - Leonard Cohen looks to release his first studio album in 8 years on January 30th. Expect weighty ruminations on love and loss (the one-time Zen disciple has hinted at his most "overtly spiritual" lyrics yet), all wrapped up in that remarkable, timeworn baritone.



First Official Single Released to Radio from Old Ideas

"Listen Up: Leonard Cohen - 'Darkness'"

...ology by Brett Warner, January 10, 2012

Another new Leonard Cohen track has made its way online.

Any time you see the words "Darkness" and "Leonard Cohen" together, you know you're in for a real treat. The aforementioned song is the latest preview track from his forthcoming new album Old Ideas, out January 31... the same day as Lana Del Rey's Born To Die. (I'll give you two guess which album you're better off purchasing.)

First thoughts?

Love the plucky/gloomy guitar intro and how that electric organ creeps every so subtly into the mix. Kids, pay attention to how Mr. Cohen sings... every word feels like it weights a hundred pounds, right? Anyone can sing about the darkness, but it takes a seasoned, world weary man to really bring it home like Cohen does here. "I don't smoke no cigarette, I don't drink no alcohol, I ain't had much lovin' yet, but that's always been your call"? Forget about it.


"Leonard Cohen divulga segundo tema do novo álbum"

Ponto Alternativo by Tiago Esteves, January 10, 2012

Darkness é a segunda amostra do mais recente registo do canadiano.

Depois de ter sido colocado sob escuta o tema Show Me the Place, Darkness é o segundo avanço a ser divulgado do novo disco de Leonard Cohen.

Old Ideas será editado a 31 do corrente mês, com selo da Columbia, marcando o regresso aos registos originais, sete anos depois de Dear Heather.

A avaliar pelas duas amostras, será, certamente, um dos álbuns marcantes do ano.

"Leonard Cohen announces second theme of the new album"

Ponto Alternativo by Tiago Esteves, January 10, 2012

Darkness is the second sample of the latest Canadian registration.

After being placed under surveillance the theme Show Me the Place, Darkness is the second advance to be released the new album of Leonard Cohen.

Old Ideas will be edited to 31 of this month, with the Columbia label, marking a return to original records, seven years after Dear Heather.

Judging from the two samples, will certainly be one of the outstanding albums of the year.

"Track Review: Leonard Cohen, 'The Darkness'"

American Songwriter by Evan Schlansky, January 10, 2012

Nobody expects Leonard Cohen songs to be light and fluffy, but they don't come much blacker than "The Darkness," the second single from Old Ideas (due January 31 from Columbia).

It opens with a flourish of classical guitar, connecting it to that Lenny sound of old, then evolves into a 12 bar blues a la Bob Dylan circa Time Out Of Mind. There's some fine organ lyrics and some backup vocalists, too, to help illuminate things.

"I've got no future, I know my days are few," sings Cohen, 77. "The present's not that pleasant, just a lot of things to do/I though the past would last me but the darkness got there too." Be careful; as Cohen can tell you, this darkness is contagious.

"Leonard Cohen - 'Darkness'"

Stereogum by Tom, January 10, 2012

Wizened old god Leonard Cohen will release his new album Old Ideas later this month, and we've already posted one song from the LP, the gorgeous "Show Me The Place." And now we've got another. It's a slow burn called "Darkness" with a great Memphis soul organ solo and a narcotized oldies-radio chug. Old Ideas is shaping up to be pretty amazing.

"Leonard Cohen: 'Darkness'"

Prefix Magazine by Andrew Winistorfer, January 10, 2012

Holy smokes guys: Who knew that a simple, sultry Leonard Cohen song could be so great? Because below, we have a stream of "Darkness," Cohen's new single from his upcoming comeback album, Old Ideas, a crawling, smoky cut that finds Cohen firmly in his whisper mode over some bluesy backing music. This is going to be all over movie trailers in about 15 minutes. Dude is the O.G. of this kind of sinister, folky music, and he had to come back to prove he's still the best at it.

On Jan. 31, Old Ideas, Cohen's first album since 2004's Dear Heather, will be released by Columbia. If it's as good this, we're in for a treat.

"Hear a New Leonard Cohen Single, 'Darkness'"

Paste Magazine by Tyler Kane, January 10, 2012

Leonard Cohen released another single from Old Ideas, which is out on Jan. 31, this morning. The album is his first since 2004's Dear Heather and is one of the 25 Albums We're Looking Forward to in 2012.

The single is titled "Darkness" and appropriately features line after haunting line from the proven lyricist.

"Stream: Leonard Cohen - 'Darkness'"

Obscure Sound by Mike Mineo, January 10, 2012

The second single from Leonard Cohen's upcoming album, Old Ideas, is available for streaming above. "Darkness" initially contains less gospel and more bluesy folk than debut single "Show Me the Place", but an organ and gospel choir later emerge as examples of the album's supposed gospel direction. This is a subdued track that remains swanky and rich despite its casual implementation of trickling key progressions, wispy organs, gospel choirs, and a bluesy vibrato pulsing from the guitar.

"The Shins, Leonard Cohen release new songs to promote 2012 albums"

Examiner (US) by Cole Waterman, January 10, 2012

Indie heavy-hitters The Shins and cult songsmith Leonard Cohen released new songs this week, whetting fans' appetites in anticipation for their forthcoming albums...

Cohen, the 77-year-old troubadour known for lacing tales of despair with a silver lining of hope, on Tuesday released a "The Darkness" on his Facebook page and website. The song is the second previewed from Old Ideas, to be released Jan. 31. In November, Cohen treated fans to "Show Me The Place," an immediate download of which was a free gift to all who preordered the record.

Fans may recognize the new tune as Cohen played it a handful of times during his 2008-2010 world tours. (And to any potential naysayers - yeah, Cohen may not technically be "indie," but you'd be hard-pressed to find a songwriter in the genre not in some way influenced by the man, essentially the underground's answer to Bob Dylan). Attentive listeners might also hear a trace of Cohen's own "Avalanche" in the opening guitar work. Lyrically, the song comes across as an autobiographical elegy. "I got no future/I know my days are few/The present's not that pleasant/Just a lot of things to do," Cohen intones in his whispery baritone as female vocals, ominous bass notes and organ lines craft the definition of a haunted atmosphere.

"Darkness: another new Leonard Cohen track"

Stupefaction, January 10, 2012

Following up from the excellent "Show Me The Place," shared back in November, Leonard Cohen has made another new track from his forthcoming album available. "Darkness" is yet another reason why I can't wait to hear this album. After 15-20 years in a haze of synthesized production sounds (not exactly lost), he's returned to a more natural sound. Maybe that's one of the reasons he's called the new album Old Ideas? Thank goodness!

"Listen to a Fantastic New Leonard Cohen Song"

Flavorwire by Tom Hawking, January 10, 2012

Anyone who's "friends" with Leonard Cohen on Facebook will have received a lovely surprise in their news feed this morning -- a brand spanking new song from his forthcoming album Old Ideas, streaming for free via Soundcloud. And as if that wasn't enough, the song -- which is entitled "Darkness" -- is also really good. It starts with a moody flamenco-influenced intro that's decidedly reminiscent of Songs of Love and Hate track "Avalanche," before expanding into a mid-tempo Hammond-driven ballad. The lyric manages to poke fun at Cohen's reputation as the Grand Overlord of Melancholy ("I caught the darkness," indeed) but also functions as a latter-day "Tower of Song"-style reflection on mortality -- especially the bit where he sings "I got no future / I know my days are few..." in a way that's so matter-of-fact that it's quietly heartbreaking. Anyway, have a listen after the jump and let us know what you think.

"Leonard Cohen, 'Darkness'"

The Awl by Alex Balk, January 10, 2012

There are at least some white guys still singing: Leonard Cohen, for instance, whose Old Ideas is out at the end of the month. Here's another track from the album ("Show Me The Place" came out at the end of November). Two listens in and my verdict is: I very much enjoy it!

"Leonard Cohen ¦ Darkness"

Their Bated Breath by David D. Robbins Jr., January 10, 2012

Leonard Cohen's latest single, "Darkness", sounds like his version of the road-weary old-timer moods Bob Dylan captured on 1997's "Time Out of Mind". What I mean is it's a life-assessment song, or as T.S. Eliot wrote in his poem "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" -- this is Cohen's way of "measuring his life out in coffee cups". In it he describes an ascetic's lifestyle of trying to abstain from cigarettes, alcohol and women -- and how he's lost a taste for everything. It's an organ-blues cut which will be included on his January 31st release, "Old Ideas". The song is a beauty. A low-moan acoustic guitar, gracefully finger-picked, purrs through the opening before Cohen sings, "I caught the darkness / Drinking from your cup / I said is this contagious / You said just drink it up / I got no future / I know my days are few / And the present's not that pleasant / Just a lot of things to do / And I thought the past would last me / But the darkness got that too." It's seems about the right time for Cohen to take measure of his life and career, much like Dylan did with a song like "Not Dark Yet" and "Highlands". Dylan's songs too were stark, with lyrics like this opening verse in "Highlands", which felt like someone feeling time's sliding sands, "Windows were shakin' all night in my dreams / Everything was exactly the way that it seems / Woke up this morning and I looked at the same old page / Same ol' rat race / Life in the same ol' cage." But unlike Dylan, Cohen wraps his song in an upbeat rhythm, with a couple of winks and nods that fans have come to love in his songwriting. Where Dylan was exceedingly somber and accusatory of a world gone wrong, Cohen becomes playful, falling into a persona more akin to Tom Waits -- with a self-deprecatingly fun line like, "I used to love the rainbow..." Note: Lyrics are unofficial.

"Leonard Cohen drops new song ahead of Jan. 31 album release"

Culturespill by Gianmarc Manzione, January 10, 2012

If you have any idea what Leonard Cohen has been through since emerging from the Zen monastery "Mount Baldy" after years of seclusion there following his 1992 record The Future, then the seething ruminations on age, death and ruin he indulges on the new song he dropped today is precisely what you'd expect of the grizzled, 77-year-old bard. Culturespill told the full story here back in 2008, but here's the CliffsNotes version: Cohen re-entered the real world to find that the $5 million retirement fund he left in the hands of his long-time manager Kelley Lynch had dwindled to $150,000. With no recourse through which to recoup the money and his estranged manager on the lam, he instead embarked on the much-celebrated world tour documented on two live releases-2009's Live in London and 2010's Songs from the Road.

Now he is set to deliver a long-anticipated new studio album, Old Ideas, on Jan. 31. Cohen angered some fans with the unfocused gaiety of his last studio effort, 2004's Dear Heather, and defended himself by saying that it was meant as a "playful" album to be followed by a collection of more characteristic material-you know, the stuff that makes you want to kill yourself. In keeping with that promise, the song Cohen dropped today is called "Darkness," and delivers precisely that. He tosses metaphor to the winds and instead dives right into the rough of what's bugging him here. "I've got no future / I know my days are few" he growls in the gruff and whispery baritone Elton John calls his "non-voice." "The present's not that pleasant / just a lot of things to do."

These sound like the words of a man who, now in his late 70s, might have been perfectly content to live out the rest of his life much the way David Bowie does these days-chilling at home with family and friends, savoring the anonymity of walking the streets unnoticed, and feeling absolutely no compulsion to add anything new to his abundant and glittering oeuvre. And perhaps that's where things might have stood had Lynch not directly linked her American Express card to Cohen's bank account and sucked it dry to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars at a time.

Poets like Cohen get snarly when critics read autobiography between every line they write, and perhaps rightfully so. But autobiographical or not, "Darkness" delivers precisely the kind of unabashed and strikingly sincere appraisal of the human condition that longtime fans heard on every Cohen record before the hapless and baffling Dear Heather. If "Darkness" is any indication, Old Ideas will deliver much more from where all that came from.

Veteran fans will delight in this track's more stripped-down approach, a sound Cohen largely has abandoned for the slicker, more ornate production he's preferred since 1984's Various Positions and its brilliant follow-up, I'm Your Man. "Darkness" opens with a gorgeous flutter of acoustic guitar that storms with the ominous and theatrical finger-picking style exhibited on some of his most signature tracks, such as "Teachers" from his 1967 debut or "Avalanche" from the incomparable Songs of Love and Hate in 1971. Those earlier records are achievements no artist can ever hope to replicate, but "Darkness" comes damned close, and suggests that somewhere in the consternation of a retirement disrupted by circumstance Cohen turned up a few more of those songs of love, hate and, now, the growing specter of mortality.

You can check out the track here, and also visit his website where you can hear another track from Old Ideas he released in November, a supine piano ballad called "Show Me the Place."

"Leonard Cohen - Darkness - Old Ways"

Vinyl Corner, January 10, 2012

Released today on Soundcloud, this is the second track that is now available for listening from Cohen's record Old Ideas, due out on the 31st of this month. I don't know about you, but this soulful, bluesy take makes this album sound even more promising!

"Darkness Leonard Cohen's First Old Idea"

Noise11 by Tim Cashmere, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen has revealed his new spoken word song (get it? They're all spoken word!) off his upcoming album Old Ideas.

The song is called Darkness and is his first release since Dear Heather in 2004 and his twelfth studio album for his career.

Darkness sees Cohen muse on his experience on this Earth in that comforting, all-knowing tone that only Cohen can inject into song.

"The present's not that pleasant, just a lot of things to do. I thought the past would last me, but the darkness got that too," he sings at one point. "Winning you was easy, but darkness was the prize," he sings at another. As though recounting a rich life of experiences.

Old Ideas will see the light of day on January 30.

"Leonard Cohen Debuts New Song 'Darkness'"

Addicted to Radio, January 11, 2012

It has been eight years since the last studio album from legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen. At the age of 77, he will release an album of ten new songs titled Old Ideas on January 31, 2012. The first song from the project "Show Me the Place" appeared to strong praise in late November last year. Now he has revealed another song from the project titled "Darkness." It is a jazzy meditation on old age that will only make anticipation for the new album grow.

"Leonard Cohen is a rare thing: a pop grandfather who just gets better with age"

The Telegraph (UK) by Lucy Jones, January 11, 2012

It's easy to forget that Leonard Cohen is pushing 80. Well, he's 77. Today he dropped a new track called Darkness on his website and Soundcloud. You can listen to it above.

The song is the second single from his new album Old Ideas (his 12th and first for eight years) which will be released on January 31. It's not cheery - "I've got no future, I know my days are few" purrs Cohen - but it's good. The track is a soft and smouldering shrug with a lyrical sting. It's based on a rhythmic guitar riff and a skittering organ with angelic backing vocals, chromatic harmonies and bluesy trills. Though some might accuse him of 'noodling' - and a colleague calls it "lounge jazz" - I think Cohen has written one of the most beautiful songs of his career.

How refreshing to hear a song by an old master that stands up to his back catalogue. Many of the greats had a couple of decades in them before petering out. I haven't found any later releases by Paul McCartney, Lou Reed, David Bowie, REM, Elvis Costello stand up to their golden ages - and I doubt McCartney's future album Kisses on the Bottom (excuse me while I puke) will match his past. But Cohen goes against the theory that the old can't write pop songs. See what you think.

"New music: Leonard Cohen - Darkness"

The Guardian (UK) by Michael Cragg, January 11, 2012

The second track to be unveiled from Leonard Cohen's forthcoming album finds the veteran crooner at his brooding best

A new Leonard Cohen song called Darkness, you say? Yippee! Seriously, it's very good. Darkness is the second song (you can listen to the first, the lovely Show Me the Place here) to emerge from Cohen's forthcoming Old Ideas, his first album of new material since 2004's Dear Heather. Since then, he's declared himself bankrupt, toured the world twice and had one of his songs covered by an X Factor winner.

As you can probably tell from the title, Darkness isn't a syrupy love song or a concession to contemporary dance pop. It's a stately and brooding four and a half minutes, featuring twanging guitars, warm organ swells and lovely backing vocals to underpin Cohen's creepy croon. As ever, the lyrics are pure gold, particularly the line: "I should have seen it coming/ it was red behind your eyes/ you were young and it was summer/ I just had to take a dive."

Old Ideas is due on 31 January via Columbia.

"Leonard Cohen's Darkness Is Latest Track Off Old Ideas (AUDIO)"

The Huffington Post by Gazelle Emami, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen is back with a more twangy track than the "Hallelujah" throwback we heard around the holidays. His latest off his forthcoming album Old Ideas, "Darkness" begins with a gorgeously layered intro and follows up with old saloon-style instrumentals -- paired with its lyrics, this will make you want to drink a stiff one.

Old Ideas is out Jan. 31.

"Listen: Leonard Cohen - Darkness"

Clash Music by Robin Murray, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen is streaming his new single 'Darkness' online - listen to it below.

Leonard Cohen remains a peerless, untouchable talent. The Canadian artist's back catalogue shifts between poetry and art, remaining an outsider in a world built by outsiders.

Revealing last year that he was working on new material, the singer confirmed that new album 'Old Ideas' will be released on January 31st. As ever, Leonard Cohen is keeping his cards close to his chest but the songwriter has now unveiled his new single.

'Show Me The Place' (sic - 'Darkness') will be released on Columbia later this month, and is now streaming in a handy SoundCloud embed.

In case you missed it, Leonard Cohen unveiled another track from the album last month. 'Show Me The Place' is an engrossing, meditative piece of songwriting that benefits from a deeply moving arrangement.

Leonard Cohen is set to release 'Old Ideas' on January 31st.

"Leonard Cohen - Darkness"

Your Music Radar, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen has dropped a new track called 'Darkness' online and we think he must be singing about Melbourne's crappy cold and hail filled summer days.

As dark as this track is, there's something warm and uplifting in a weird way.

I remember once that a friend got Leonard Cohen and Leonard Nimoy mixed up. Either way it would be an interesting combination. If Leonard Cohen played Spock, he could croon 'Everybody Knows' at the Klingons instead of going for the death grip. Although, saying that, I'm not sure Leonard Nimoy would be too good at singing 'Hallelujah'. He'd look good in the hat though.

What a great track this is!!! Now...where's that hot coco.

"New: Leonard Cohen - 'Darkness'"

Pretty Much Amazing by Genevieve Oliver, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen is a man who needs no introduction, but we'll remind you his upcoming record Old Ideas, out January 31, is his twelfth since 1967 and his first since 2004, so you should be pretty excited.

New track "Darkness" is the record's second single (after "Show Me the Place") - it's at once soulful and dark, a secretive, sensual lounge-singer cut about catching darkness like a disease from a lover, the kind of thing you'd probably expect to see performed live if you stopped for a drink in the dead of night at a dive bar with an atmosphere as smoky as Cohen's voice in a town with one streetlight five-hundred miles from home. Check it out.


"Ouça nova música do Leonard Cohen."

Janela da Percepção - Música e cultura Pop by Deivison Zotino, January 11, 2012

O veterano Leonard Cohen agendou pro dia 31 ao lançamento de seu novo álbum - o 12° da carreira veja só, Old Ideas. E já está rodando na internet a sombria (como indica o nome) "Darkness", que deve ser o carro chefe desse álbum. Uma belíssima faixa.

"Hear new music from Leonard Cohen."

Janela da Percepção - Música e cultura Pop by Deivison Zotino, January 11, 2012

Veteran pro Leonard Cohen has scheduled 31 days to the launch of their new album - the 12th of his career see, Old Ideas. And the Internet is already running the dark (as the name implies) "Darkness", which should be the flagship of this album. A beautiful track.

"LISTEN: More New Leonard Cohen"

The Quietus, January 11, 2012

Second track to emerge online from Cohen's upcoming album Old Ideas

A second song from Leonard Cohen's upcoming new album Old Ideas has been posted online for listening. 'Darkness' is, unsurprisingly, great, and finds Cohen's voice in heartfelt, gravelly form.


Dummy, January 11, 2012

Grizzled god streams second track ahead of release of new album.

Listen to Leonard Cohen's new song Darkness ahead of the release of his new album 'Old Ideas' on the 31st of January. The legendary singer songwriter has had quite an eventful few years since his last album, having toured the world twice, declared himself bankrupt and seen his works reach the dizzy heights of the X-Factor.

Darkness is the second track to be streamed off the forthcoming album, and is a bluesy track with an amazing Cohen vocal, some churchy organs, and a nice blend of dark subject-matter and lyrical musical touches. The first track off the album, 'Show Me The Place', can be heard at the Leonard Cohen Soundcloud page.

"Listen: Leonard Cohen's New Single 'Darkness'"

mxdwn by Carey Uhl, January 11, 2012

One of folk's greatest poets is back on the rise. Judging by his new single, "Darkness", it appears that the 77 year old musician still has a few more lessons to teach us. His forthcoming LP, Old Ideas, hits stores January 31 via Columbia.

It can be seen by the single artwork that Leonard Cohen no longer needs to explain or prove himself to anybody. Though Cohen's last studio album, Dear Heather, came out in 2004, he's been writing powerful songs since the 60s. The guy is a legend, and if you don't know that by now, shame shame. His voice has considerably deepened over the years, but the message and the musicianship is still there. In this song, the wisdom Cohen leaves us with is "Darkness is the prize".

"I Like This: Leonard Cohen"

Alan Cross, Professional Music Geek, January 11, 2012

During an interview many years ago, I asked him if I could call him "Lenny." He took a long drag of his Gitane, blew the smoke and my face and said "No."

I still like him, though. His new album, Old Ideas, his first studio record since 2004, will be out on the 31st. Here's a sample.


"Lo que puedes y debes escuchar hoy: Darkness, un adelanto de lo nuevo de Cohen."

Crazy Minds (Spain) by María Marí Ros, January 11, 2012

Me vais a disculpar si me emociono al escribir esta noticia y soy incapaz de guardar la objetividad que se le debe al género. A veces, los que damos noticias nos emocionamos también, aunque cueste creerlo tal y como están las cosas. Escribo, pues, emocionada. Pero, en fin, vengo a comunicar, simplemente a comunicar. Lo haré, pero perdonadme el tono subjetivo.

Leonard Cohen, este poeta de voz inigualable al son del que muchos crecimos y que nos ayudó a muchos a construir nuestro inventario emocional, existencial y musical, ese que marcó nuestras coordenadas, saca nuevo disco. Después del Príncipe de Asturias, sí. Con todos los años que lleva a la espalda sin abandonar la canción (salvo aquel pequeño paréntesis en que se entregó al budismo), sí. El disco saldrá el próximo 30 de enero a la venta, y será el primero que tendremos desde aquel Dear Heather que a algunos no acabó de gustarnos, de 2004 (cuántas cosas han cambiado desde entonces). El título de lo nuevo de Cohen será, curiosamente, Old Ideas. Esto es, en sí, una buena noticia, pero no es lo que venía a contaros.

Lo que yo tengo que comunicaros es que ya podemos escuchar una de las canciones de nuevo disco, concretamente la titulada Darkness. Y la razón por la que no puedo escribir estas líneas conteniendo mi emoción es porque la he escuchado diez veces seguidas antes de empezar a teclear, y no tengo palabras para describirla. ¿Brillante? ¿Deliciosamente digna de Cohen? ¿Única? Pues no lo sé, señores, pero lo que sé es que podéis y debéis escucharla. Y, por supuesto, si fuera contagioso, señor Cohen, bebería de su copa, aunque duela -que duele.

"What you can and you hear today: Darkness, a taste of what Cohen again."

Crazy Minds (Spain) by María Marí Ros, January 11, 2012

I apologize if I'm going to get excited to write this story and I am unable to save the objectivity that is due to gender. Sometimes the news we were excited that we also, though hard to believe as things are. I write, therefore, excitedly. But anyway, I come to communicate, just to communicate. I will, but forgive the subjective tone.

Leonard Cohen, poet's unique voice to the sound of that many grew up and helped us build our inventory many emotional, existential and musical, that which marked our coordinates, new album out. After the Prince of Asturias, yes. With every year that takes without giving back the song (except the little brackets that was given to Buddhism), yes. The next album will be released January 30 on sale, and we'll be the first since that Dear Heather that some did not quite like it, 2004 (how things have changed since then). The title of the new Cohen is, curiously, Old Ideas. This is in itself good news, but it is not coming to tell.

What I have to communicate is that we can hear one of the songs from new album, specifically one entitled Darkness. And the reason I write these lines I can not contain my excitement is because I have heard ten times before you start typing, and I have no words to describe it. Bright? Delightfully Worthy of Cohen? Only? Well, I do not know, gentlemen, but I do know is that you can and should listen. And, of course, if contagious, Mr. Cohen, drink your drink, even if it hurts, it hurts.

"Listen: Leonard Cohen - Darkness"

Under the Radar, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen has revealed another track from his new album Old Ideas out at the end of the month. The album is his first of new material since 2004's Dear Heather and if the singles are any indication should be brilliant as always...


"Leonard Cohen - The Darkness"

Bon pour les oreilles (France) by Christophe Schenk, January 11, 2012

On avait fini l'année sur une bien belle nouvelle chanson de Leonard Cohen. On reprend avec une autre bien belle nouvelle chanson de Leonard Cohen. Elle est arrivée hier sur SoundCloud, elle s'appelle The Darkness, et confirme l'intuition: Old Ideas pourrait bien être un très bel album. Le plus beau depuis longtemps. Et le reste, je l'ai déjà dit. Allez, plus que 3 semaines à attendre...

"Leonard Cohen - The Darkness"

Bon pour les oreilles (France) by Christophe Schenk, January 11, 2012

We had finished the year on a beautiful new song by Leonard Cohen. Is taken up with another very beautiful new song by Leonard Cohen. She arrived yesterday on SoundCloud, it is called The Darkness, and confirms the intuition: Old Ideas could be a very beautiful album. The best long time. And the rest, I have already said. Come on, more than three weeks to wait ...


"Escucha la nueva y excelsa canción de Leonard Cohen"

Rolling Stone (Spain), January 12, 2012

Se titula 'Darkness' e irá incluida en el próximo disco del poeta, 'Old ideas'. La delicia de la jornada. Por Rolling Stone

Hay inspiraciones que se dibujan inagotables, como la de Leonard Cohen (77 años), premio Príncipe de Asturias de las Letras 2011. El músico, que el 31 de enero publica nuevo disco, Old ideas, acaba de estrenar un adelanto que así lo subraya. Se trata de Darkness, una canción excelsa y desgarradora que puedes escuchar a continuación.

"Listen to new song by Leonard Cohen excelsa"

Rolling Stone (Spain), January 12, 2012

It's called 'Darkness' and will included in the poet's next album, 'Old ideas'. The delight of the day. For Rolling Stone

There are endless inspirations are drawn, like Leonard Cohen (77 years), Prince of Asturias Prize for Literature 2011. The musician, who published January 31, new album, Old ideas, has just released a breakthrough that has been emphasized. This is Darkness, a song sublime and heartbreaking that you can listen below.

"Leonard Cohen Releases Single 'Darkness'"

All Media NY by Jennifer Monteagudo, January 12, 2012

Legendary Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen released single "Darkness," from his upcoming LP Old Ideas, online this week. Listen to the track below.

In October, AllMediaNY reported on Cohen's new album announcement. Old Ideas will be Cohen's first original studio album in eight years, since 2004's Dear Heather. Despite the hiatus, Cohen is no slouch in the music biz-he's been songwriting since the 50s and has garnered a steady cult following with his signature style of bluesy folk and genre-bending storytelling on topics such as religion and sexuality. In 2008 he was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; he's been a member of the Canadian Music Hall of Fame since 1991. If being one of the most prestigious and long-lasting musicians isn't enough, Cohen is also a poet and novelist. The already well awarded 77-year-old actually sprung the announcement of his upcoming album while in Spain receiving the Principe de Asturias literary prize. Followers of fringe rock genres (vaudeville/circus/spaghetti western/outlaw southern-it's pretty hard to describe) will notice a funny shift with track "Darkness." It seems as if the master became the student, with Cohen seemingly imitating Tom Waits. While Cohen beats younger Waits in music vet years, there is no proof Cohen ever influenced Waits, despite the similarities in their foggy genre. However, Waits did reveal to The Guardian that Cohen's '88 I'm Your Man is one of his most cherished albums. It's possible the respect is musical, because Cohen has taken his usual experimentation into church organ-wailing Waits territory. Old Ideas will be released via Columbia on January 31. It is available for pre-order for $10 on Amazon now. The album features ten tracks, including previously released single "Show Me the Place," also available for streaming below.

"Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas"

102.3 BOB by Taylor, January 12, 2012

Go to and listen to "Darkness"... in the words of one fan "Incredibly incredible."

"B List: Top 8 Upcoming Albums for 2012"

Glide Magazine by Andy Kahn, January 12, 2012

Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas - (January 31, 2012)

As long as he's alive and able to breathe Leonard Cohen should record songs. His voice is a treasure and his songwriting remains sharp and graceful - he's just so fucking cool. Cohen penned ten new tracks that are sure to be as poetic as they are melodic. The singles released reinforce that Cohen isn't getting better with age - he's simply always been great.

"The Barometer: Rick Ross; Of Montreal; Leonard Cohen; The War on Drugs; La Sera; King Khan and the Shrines; oFF Love; Kindness; My Best Fiend"

Independent (UK) by John Hall, January 13, 2012

Leonard Cohen - Darkness

The second single from Cohen's new studio album is bluesy, brooding and darkly humorous. Think "I'm Your Man" or even Bob Dylan's "Things Have Changed".

"[Listen] LEONARD COHEN: 'Darkness'"

A Fistful of Culture by Dominic Pink, January 14, 2012

Leonard Cohen's first studio album in seven years, Old Ideas, is due later this month, and this week he treated us to another great track from the LP. Following the gorgeous first cut, 'Show Me the Place', is a slow burn called 'Darkness', which features an impressive Memphis soul organ solo. Old Ideas is shaping up to be something special, so be sure to mark the album's January 31st release date on your calender.



Corona Music (Mexico), January 16, 2012

Poco falta para la salida del nuevo álbum de Leonard Cohen, que está programada para el próximo 31 de enero. "Old Ideas" lleva por nombre este trabajo que, volverá a posicionar al maestro de la música como uno de los mejores de la historia. Anteriormente les presentamos el video de 'Show me the place' que fue el primer sencillo, pero ya se puede escuchar una nueva rola llamada 'Darkness', que incluso es más ligera que 'Show me the place' en su estructura, conservando la emoción del canto de Cohen.


Corona Music (Mexico), January 16, 2012

Little miss for the departure of Leonard Cohen's new album, scheduled for 31 January. "Old Ideas" this job has the name that will position the master of music as one of the best ever. Previously, we present the video for 'Show me the place' that was the first single, but you can hear a new rola called 'Darkness', which is even lighter than 'Show me the place' in its structure, retaining the excitement Cohen Ridge.

"Leonard Cohen - Old Ideas"

Direct Current Music, January 11, 2012

Leonard Cohen - Revered songwriting icon returns with his first studio album in eight years and what some are calling his "most overtly spiritual" album in a musical career spanning more than four decades...two songs -- "Amen" and "Lullaby" were originally recorded in 2007 -- and Cohen performed "Lullaby" and new song "Darkness" during his most recent worldwide tour // Release: Old Ideas (January 31, Columbia) // Sounds like: Cohen's voice -- "a force of supernature" says the BBC -- is in fine form, strengthened in recent years from his extensive concert performances...backing vocals are provided by Dana Glover, long time musical partner Sharon Robinson, The Webb Sisters (Hattie and Charley Webb) and Jennifer sum: a remarkable achievement and essential listen...

Quote: "As I grew older, I understood that instructions came with this voice. And the instructions were these...Never to lament casually. And if one is to express the great inevitable defeat that awaits us all, it must be done within the strict confines of dignity & beauty." // What we like: "Show Me The Place" is one of those songs where you'll want to make sure you're subwoofer is nice and loud. With a voice that sounds like it's deep in the aural subterranean abyss, the haggard growl has now entered surreal territory. And, of course, it's great to hear, a wonder to behold...the bluesy "Darkness" has a richly textured and soulful feel and a surprisingly nimble rhythmic step...

"Leonard Cohen - Darkness [Single]"

AltSounds by Huw Hopkins, January 21, 2012

From the man who has songs like 'Bird on a Wire' and 'Hallelujah' to his name; critics, reviews and generally what other people think just don't seem to mean a thing anymore. Whether Leonard Cohen listens to these people matters not, but there's no need when there's nothing but good things to be read.

Old Ideas is due to be released on the 31st of this month but the veteran singer/songwriter has presented us with a chilling teaser by the name of 'Darkness'.

The start of the song opens with an overly complicated guitar plucking but that is really the only noticeable negative aspect of the fresh bluesy tune. The crossing solos of the piano and the organ is subtley supported by some soft female backing vocals.

The single features the bassy timbre of Cohen's voice rumbling throughout.The lyrics are dark, as they should be for a song name 'Darkness' and during a breakdown where the music gets quieter and the vocals get creepier your spine shivers in fear.

The song is brilliant and if it a signifier of what Old Ideas will sound like, it's worth buying. A return to glory for Leonard Cohen, a man who shouldn't give a damn if he ever left.


"New Leonard Cohen Song to Be Streamed by The New Yorker"

Cohen's Recognition Reflects the Strength of Popular Songwriting

January 15, 2012, Los Angeles: For the first time in its history, The New Yorker, esteemed for its consistent publication of great poetry, will stream on its website Leonard Cohen's new lyric "Going Home," one of ten songs on his new studio album, Old Ideas. The New Yorker will publish the lyric in its January 23rd issue (on newsstands January 16th). The song will also be streamed on The New Yorker website on January 16th. Cohen and Sony will release the album on January 31st.

New Yorker poetry editor Paul Muldoon, who has been listening to Cohen since 1967, said that he is "thrilled" this will be happening in the magazine, which has recently been acknowledging the great power and achievement of singer-songwriters. Muldoon said, "The New Yorker has been publishing lyrics over the past years by Cohen, Bob Dylan, and Paul Simon... Cohen is in some elite company, including his own!" Cohen's rich, complex lyrics have intoxicated listeners for more than a generation; his work bridges the world of lyric poetry and song. A selection of Cohen's poems and songs has recently been published by the prestigious Random House "Everyman" series, which includes in its pantheon Rumi, Keats, Byron, Pushkin, Dickinson, Frost, and, now, Cohen. Already, through a second printing, a new edition will be released later this winter.

Recently, Cohen's work has been receiving literary recognition throughout the world. In late October, Cohen received the Príncipe de Asturias, the highest literary award granted by Spain. PEN New England has also awarded Cohen and Chuck Berry its first "Song Lyrics of Literary Excellence." Judges included Bono, Rosanne Cash, Elvis Costello, Paul Muldoon, Smokey Robinson, Salman Rushdie, and Paul Simon.

His native Canada, which has honored Cohen before, will bestow the Ninth Glenn Gould Prize upon Cohen for his great artistic achievement in bringing literary richness to popular music and for touching "audiences far outside his main genre." Cohen's honors and the recent nomination of Bob Dylan for the Neustadt International Prize reflect the cultural recognition of folk-rock songwriters as poets of the highest order.

"Leonard Cohen's 'GOING HOME'"

The New Yorker, January 16, 2012

The Canadian singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen has a poem in the magazine this week, "Going Home," that he also set to music on his upcoming album, "Old Ideas." The ten tracks on the album are the first original recordings from Cohen since 2004.

by Leonard Cohen
January 23, 2012

I love to speak with Leonard
He's a sportsman and a shepherd
He's a lazy bastard
Living in a suit

But he does say what I tell him
Even though it isn't welcome
He will never have the freedom
To refuse

He will speak these words of wisdom
Like a sage, a man of vision
Though he knows he's really nothing
But the brief elaboration of a tube

Going home
Without my sorrow
Going home
Sometime tomorrow
To where it's better
Than before

Going home
Without my burden
Going home
Behind the curtain
Going home
Without the costume
That I wore

He wants to write a love song
An anthem of forgiving
A manual for living with defeat

A cry above the suffering
A sacrifice recovering
But that isn't what I want him to complete

I want to make him certain
That he doesn't have a burden
That he doesn't need a vision

That he only has permission
To do my instant bidding
That is to SAY what I have told him
To repeat

Going home
Without my sorrow
Going home
Sometime tomorrow
Going home
To where it's better
Than before

Going home
Without my burden
Going home
Behind the curtain
Going home
Without the costume
That I wore

I love to speak with Leonard
He's a sportsman and a shepherd
He's a lazy bastard
Living in a suit

Audio: Leonard Cohen sings "Going Home."

"Leonard Cohen Streams 'Going Home'"

TwentyFourBit, January 16, 2012

We've heard two cuts -- "Darkness" and "Show Me The Place" -- off Leonard Cohen's forthcoming Old Ideas LP, and now a third taste of the 10-track set has arrived: "Going Home," the set's opening song, premiered in The New Yorker in the form of both poetry (Cohen's first calling toward verse) and an audio stream.

Replete with all the profound wit, wisdom, and undue yet endearing self-deprecation we've come to expect from the great singer-songwriter, hear Cohen sing about "Going Home" below.


"Leonard Cohen - 'Going Home', 'Show Me The Place' y 'Darkness'"

Dance to the Radio (San Jose), January 16, 2012

Old Ideas, lo nuevo de Leonard Cohen, es uno de los discos más esperados del mes. Ya conocemos dos de los sencillos, 'Show Me The Place' y 'Darkness'. 'Going Home' no será un single, sino simplemente una de las canciones del tracklist.

Pueden escuchar las tres canciones a continuación. Después de siete años sin un nuevo disco de estudio, Leonard Cohen publica el 31 de enero Old Ideas. "Going Home", muestra el mejor Cohen poeta, el que habla de sí mismo como quien conversa con un viejo amigo. Una pequeña delicia.

"Leonard Cohen - 'Going Home', 'Show Me The Place' and 'Darkness'"

Dance to the Radio (San Jose), January 16, 2012

Old ideas, new Leonard Cohen, is one of the most anticipated albums of the month. We know two of the singles, 'Show Me The Place' and 'Darkness'. 'Going Home' will not be a single, but simply one of the songs on the tracklist.

You can listen to three songs below. After seven years without a new studio album, Leonard Cohen published January 31 Old Ideas. "Going Home" shows the best Cohen poet who speaks of himself as he talks with an old friend. A small treat.

"LISTEN: More New Leonard Cohen"

The Quietus, January 16, 2012

Plus! Lyrics in the New Yorker

Another track from Leonard Cohen's forthcoming album has surfaced online. 'Going Home', which has been posted online to coincide with the publication of the lyrics in The New Yorker's poetry section this week, is the third track from Old Ideas to appear on the internet. It features the excellent opening lines "I love to speak with Leonard / He's a sportsman and a shepherd / He's a lazy bastard / Living in a suit". Read the rest of the lyrics here. The album, which features Cohen's first original material since 2004, is set for release on January 30th.

"The New Yorker Streams Song From Leonard Cohen's New Album"

Hartford Courant, by Eric R. Danton, January 16, 2012

It's actually a perfect fit: The New Yorker and Leonard Cohen; a venerable magazine with a long-standing interest in poetry, and a songwriter who was a published poet long before he wrote his first song. Starting today, The New Yorker streams the opening song from Cohen-s forthcoming album, "Old Ideas."

The song, "Going Home," is a subtly playful meditation on inevitability: of aging, of duty and, to get all abstract about it, a lightening of being. Cohen purrs out the lyrics in a voice grown deeper and richer, and you can almost see the hint of a smile flickering about the corners of his mouth when he sings, "I'd love to speak to Leonard/He's a sportsman and a shepherd/He's a lazy bastard living in a suit."

In addition to streaming the song here, The New Yorker is publishing the lyrics as a poem in its Jan. 23 issue (on newsstands today, a press release informs us).

"Old Ideas," Cohen's 12th studio album in a career stretching to 1967, is due Jan. 31 on Columbia. Listen here to "Show Me the Place," another song from the album.

"Listen to another new Leonard Cohen song, 'Going Home'"

AUX TV, by Tyler Munro, January 16, 2012

We've already heard two new tracks off Leonard Cohen's first album of original material 7 years, but as somebody allegedly said, the third time is the charm. Cohen's newest single, 'Going Home,' is quintessential stuff. Darkly poetic, the New Yorker premiered the track earlier this morning, a companion to the magazine's latest issue, which printed the song's lyrics in its poetry section.

"Leonard Cohen: 'Going Home'"

Prefix Magazine, by Andrew Winistorfer, January 16, 2012

On Jan 31, Leonard Cohen issues his first new album since 2004, Old Ideas, and it's sounding pretty great already. The last single, "Darkness," was one of the better Cohen songs, period, and now here's a new one called "Going Home" that's pretty great too. It appears this week in the New Yorker in poem form, but this version renders the poem as a prayer like devotion, complete with backing singers at the end. Old Ideas is turning in a dark horse performance here for best album of January, and we've only heard a few songs. You can stream the song below via the New Yorker.

"Welcome Back Cohen"

Jewcy, by Joe Winkler, January 17, 2012

Leonard Cohen's work has always displayed something of a precocious, wise nature. Even in his younger years, he evinced a status of a prophet, a visionary, a seer, an artist - perspicacious and talented way beyond his years. It should come as no surprise that his later works, his close to octogenarian efforts are stellar, beautiful, haunting and supremely fitting. It's hard to say that Cohen finally fits into his skin because he excelled in every stage, but somehow, something fits in a way that didn't necessarily fit before. If you can glean anything from 40 percent of the album then his newest work promises to be an important, dense album. The title, Old Ideas, perfect in many ways, reflects upon the layered experience of the songs. They are indeed old ideas: old religious ideas, old ideas of wisdom, his own old ideas, circles on his work, but old ideas infused with the urgency of age.

The man transcends any limitations of cool, or legendary, he is just a force to reckon with, a force usually on the fringe of culture, looking in with his prophetic eyes. Cohen's about to release his first LP in seven years, and we here at Jewcy couldn't be more excited. Recently The New Yorker published his poem, Going Home, which is the newest song to be released from his upcoming CD Old Ideas. Three of his songs are available in their studio edition (Going Home, Show Me the Place, and Darkness) and one more song, Lullaby, can be found on Youtube.

Going Home, set to plangent choral music, organs, and the light pitter patter of drums, clothes the gorgeous poem of two Leonard Cohens' discussing death, religious aspirations, insecurities, vanities, and the comforts of death or old age. Darkness, a song about an enveloping darkness, whether the spectre of death or depression, finds Cohen listing much of what he used to enjoy captured by darkness. The music, somewhat of a slow burn, jazzy, romp, belies the dreariness of the lyrics, a contrast that Cohen often makes use of. Show Me the Place, the most religious song of the new bunch, finds Cohen searching for beginnings and endings, taking stock of a humble life, taking comfort in the little good a person can do in their limited time, with a fitting simple piano in the background, a steady swirl of violins, and eventually, a choral background that takes the song into transcendence. Lastly, Lullaby, a live favorite for the past two years, struggles with both promises and lies of love, with a wailing harmonica, organ, and a simple acoustic accompaniment backing up this heart wrenching song.

Welcome back, Mr. Cohen, we missed you.


"Ouça: Leonard Cohen - Going Home"

RocknBeats (Brazil) by Ana Clara Matta, January 16, 2012

Não é qualquer artista que tem suas letras publicadas como poesia na respeitada revista The New Yorker, bíblia dos intelectuais nove-iorquinos. Mas Leonard Cohen está longe de ser "qualquer artista". E além de publicar na célebre revista sua poesia Going Home, que você pode ler aqui, liberou também para o site oficial da New Yorker a versão musical da mesma faixa, que estará presente no seu novo álbum, Old Ideas.

Old Ideas, até agora, está impecável. Depois de conhecermos Darkness e Show me the place, chega a vez da lindíssima Going Home, com um coro feminino, vocais baixos de Cohen e incursões melancólicas de violinos e violoncelos. Tudo indica que Old Ideas será uma das grandes obras-primas do ano.

"Listen: Leonard Cohen - Going Home"

RocknBeats (Brazil) by Ana Clara Matta, January 16, 2012

Not every artist has his lyrics as poetry published in the respected New Yorker magazine, the bible of nine intellectuals Yorkers. But Leonard Cohen is far from "any artist." And besides publishing his poetry in the famous magazine Going Home, you can read here, also released to the official website of the New Yorker a musical version of the same age, who will be present on your new album, Old Ideas.

Old Ideas, so far, is impeccable. After knowing Darkness and show me the place, it is the turn of the beautiful Going Home with a female chorus, Cohen's low vocal and incursions of melancholy violins and cellos. It appears that Old Ideas is one of the great masterpieces of the year.

"New: Leonard Cohen -- 'Going Home'"

Pretty Much Amazing by Genevieve Oliver, January 17, 2012

After teasing the slow jam of the moment, "Darkness" on the internet, Leonard Cohen's turning to a different form of media to build buzz for his upcoming record Old Ideas - iconic culture magazine the New Yorker is publishing the lyrics of new track "Going Home" as a poem in this week's issue, and they're offering the mp3 for stream so readers can hear Cohen's words in their intended setting.

It's appropriately and classically sexy and surreal (with Cohen addressing himself in third person at some moments), like the slow-motion final scene of a movie - we love the atmospheric choir vocals that lead into a stirring climax. Old Ideas is out January 31.


"Leonard Cohen's going home. Die neuen Songs."

Stadtbekannt (Austria), January 21, 2012

Leonard Cohen's coming home. Leonard Cohen ist zurück: Ende Jänner kommt sein neues Album mit dem schönen Titel "Old Ideas", und einige Songs hat uns der Dichter ja bereits anhören lassen. Mit "Going Home" gibt es nun das bisherige Highlight anzuhören. Cohen in Bestform.

Zwei Jahre hat er noch bis zu seinem achzigsten Geburtstag, und auf den freut er sich vor allem aus einem Grund: weil er da endlich wieder zu rauchen anfangen kann. Dass er irgendwann in seinen Siebzigern nämlich aufgehört hat, war ein Kompromiss mit seinem Arzt: sollte er aber 80 werden, so sein Vorhaben, dann beginnt er wieder. Nicht nur, dass wir Leonard Cohen (sollte er das wollen) ein biblisches Alter wünschen, dass Joopie Hesters übersteigt: wir freuen uns auch wie die Schneekönige, dass er uns Ende Jänner wieder mit einem neuen Album beglückt, und ein paar Songs hat er uns ja schon anhören lassen.

Show Me The Place war das erste, dass der Dichter uns anhören lieβ. Eine wunderschöne Klavierballade mit ein paar Streichern: endlich wieder Leonard Cohen ohne den komischen Synth-Sound, den Sharon Robinson und er in den Neunzigern so toll fanden. Endlich wieder Cohen reduziert: spärlich instrumentiert, und über allem: diese groβe Stimme, jene Stimme die immer tiefer wird, immer mystischer, immer erzählerischer.

"The troubles came I saved what I could save
A shred of light, a particle a wave
But there were chains so I hastened to behave
There were chains so I loved you like a slave"

Darkness wiederum beginnt mit einer Akustikgitarre in bester gezupfter "The Partisan" Manier, ehe Organ, Drums und Bass das ganze dunkel und stoisch zum Grooven bringen, wie Cohen selten gegroovt hat. From the foothills of old age, wie er sagen würde:

"I've got no future baby
I know my days are few
I've got no future though
As I say I know my days are few
Is the present not that pleasant
Just a lot of things to do"

Und jetzt gibt's Track Nummer 3 zu hören: Leonard Cohen kommt nach Hause. "Going Home" heiβt der selbst-referenzielle, augenzwinkernde Song, der Cohen dermaβen in Bestform zeigt. "I love to speak with Leonard / he's a sportman and a sheperd / he's a lazy bastard living in a suit". Augenzwinkernd, ein wenig ironisch, wie das nur Cohen kann. Beim Chorus erklingen dann noch "The sublime Webb Sisters".

"He wants to write a love song
An anthem of forgiving
A manual for living with defeat
A cry above the suffering
A sacrifice recovering
But that isn't what I want him to complete".

Ganz groβartig, das alles. Melancholisch, euphorisch, humorvoll. Cohen's coming home, und wir sind froh, dass er wieder da ist.

"Old Ideas" erscheint am 27.1.2012.

"Leonard Cohen's going home. The new songs."

Stadtbekannt (Austria), January 21, 2012

Leonard Cohen's coming home. Leonard Cohen is back: the end of January comes a new album with the wonderful title "Old Ideas," and some songs even let us listen to the poet already. With "Going Home" is now available to listen to the previous highlight. Cohen at his best.

For two years he has until his birthday late Eighties, and he is particularly pleased for one reason: because he can finally begin to smoke there again. That he eventually stopped in his seventies, namely, was a compromise with his doctor but he should be 80, so his plan, then it starts again. Not only do we Leonard Cohen (he should want to) want a biblical age that Joopi exceeds Hester: We also look forward as the Snow King, for giving us the end of January once again blessed with a new album and a couple of songs he gave us yes can already listen to.

Show Me The Place was the first, that the poet could hear us. A beautiful piano ballad with a few strings: Leonard Cohen at last without the weird synth sound that Sharon Robinson, and he found so great in the nineties. Cohen finally reduced: sparse instrumentation, and above all things this great voice, that voice is deeper, more mystical, more narrative.

"The troubles came I saved what I could save
A shred of light, a particle a wave
But there were chains so I hastened to behave
There were chains so I loved you like a slave"

Darkness in turn begins with an acoustic guitar in the best plucked "The partisan" manner before organ, drums and bass, bring the whole dark and stoic to the grooving, grooving, as Cohen has rarely. From the foothills of old age, as he would say:

"I've got no future baby
I know my days are few
I've got no future though
As I say I know my days are few
Is the present not that pleasant
Just a lot of things to do"

And now you can hear track's number 3: Leonard Cohen gets home. "Going Home" is the self-referential, tongue in cheek song that Cohen so shows in top form. "I love to speak with Leonard / he 's a sportman and a sheperd / he's a lazy bastard living in a suit." tongue in cheek, slightly ironic how this can only Cohen. At the chorus sound then "The sublime Webb Sisters."

"He wants to write a love song
An anthem of forgiving
A manual for living with defeat
A cry above the suffering
A sacrifice recovering
But that isn't what I want him to complete".

Very great, everything. Melancholic, euphoric, full of humor. Cohen's coming home, and we are glad he is back.

"Old Ideas" will be released on 27.01.2012.

Speaking Cohen Home

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