Dick and Linda Straub shared in the celebration of Leonard's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.
And what an amazing night it was.
Check out what they brought back, including a great picture of Leonard at his table with family and friends.
Also, there's a great picture of the famous Lian Lunson (I'm Your Man documentary),
the most beautiful Esther (Leonard's sister) and the very handsome Dick Straub.
Then take a look at the classy invitation and RSVP
the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame sends out for the induction ceremony.
Many thanks to Linda and Dick Straub for providing us
an insider's view of this most memorable and important Cohen happening.



© Linda Straub

Clockwise at the table:
Leonard, Anjani, Michelle Rice, Moses Znaimer, Esther Cohen, Adam Cohen, Lorca Cohen,
Lian Lunson, Jeanne and Dan Halpren, Jennifer and Leon Wieseltier.
Hal Willner is behind Adam and Esther.

© Linda Straub

Lian Lunson, Esther Cohen and Dick Straub at the pre-induction cocktail party.


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