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Psychological Abuse Warriors and Survivors - PAWS
PAWS means Psychological Abuse Warriors and Survivors. PAWS is a safe, closed and private mailing list to ensure the privacy and safety of list members. PAWS is a mailing list for those who have suffered any form of psychological abuse in childhood to come together within a safe environment and discuss or relate their experiences. Whether the abuse you suffered was sexual, physical or psychological you are welcome to come here.
Mixed Emotions
MixedEmotions is a mailing list support group for adult children dealing with the death or impending death of a parent from whom they are emotionally estranged. Those of us who are/were estranged or distant from a parent due to emotional/verbal abuse, alcoholism, or other addiction/dysfunction undergo a wide range of mixed emotions, and a different grieving process than those who grew up in more "normal" families.
Emotional Abuse: STOP Emotional Abuse at the Workplace!
A Yahoo! Club devoted to those persons who have experienced emotional abuse in the workplace. Post a message or visit the chatroom to talk with other club members.
Healing Club
A bulletin board for abuse survivors to post their experiences, express their feelings and communicate with others in similar situations.

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