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Leonard Cohen

The Energy of Slaves

Copyright © 1972 by
Leonard Cohen


Welcome to these lines Morocco It was a while ago
I threw open the shutters
light fell on this poem
I was lost You tore your shirt
I threw open the shutters:
light fell on these lines
There is no one You want me at all times
This is the only poem The progress of my style Why did you spend
All men delight you I dream of torturing you It is a trust to me
I'd like to read Leaning over his poem he whistled to himself
Portrait of a girl Crying, Come back, Hero His suicide was simply not a puzzle
My skin is made of stars You provide the furniture I am punished when I do not
work on this poem
There are no traitors among women Over there a little altar Perhaps she would come again
Poetry begun in this mood
rarely succeeds
One of these days the 15-year-old girls
I am invisible tonight Beauty speaks in the third act On hearing that Irving Layton
was kissed by Allen Ginsberg
at a Toronto poetry reading
It takes a long time to see you Terez Picture of the artist and his room The poet is drunk
I did not know until you walked away Why is it I have nothing to say to you We call it sunlight
Overheard on every corner This is a threat War is no longer needed
Did you ever moan beneath me Terez and Deanne elude me The killers that run the other countries
I am no longer at my best practicing You need her Dear Mailer
I perceived the outline of your breasts How we used to approach
The Book of Changes: 1966
On leaving France
I don't want you to know who I am To the men and women Love is a fire
I know there's no such thing
as hell or heaven
I sit with the old men Whenever I happen to see you
I try to keep in touch wherever I am There was a veil between them The form of poetry
Your eyes are very strong I will grow old Song for my assissin
It is not to tell you anything I dress in black I don't know what happens
O love did the world come to you I walk through the old yellow sunlight I can't believe what they say is true
There is no end to my hatred Dance on the money O darling (as we used to say)
I am dying I have been cruel to you ;I have no talent left
cutting the hair Perhaps it is because my music This is my voice
I left a woman waiting The sea-lions live a wonderful life This is the poem we have
been waiting for
I wore a medal of the Virgin The Ark you're building How we loved you
You are a much finer person than I am What has taken place in
your body and your head
The poems don't love us anymore
--I don't know what to call it, he said I let your mind enter me Layton was wrong
The silly girl, the silly girl Welcome home I think it is safe to tell you where I am
I make this song for thee I could not wait for you For a long time
Listening to her song They locked up a man Any system you contrive without us
Each day he lugged You are almost always with someone else Each man
Scorpion Dipped myself in a future night One of the lizards
Stay Come down to my room You went to work at the U.N.
If I could tell you Valentina gave me four months Every time my wife has a baby
What character could possibly
engage my boredom
I have a sneer for you I see the ocean from my window
She sat down at the piano It gets dark at four o'clock now There is nothing here

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