A Concordance to the

Poems, Prose

and Songs of

Leonard Cohen

Leonard and Esther
Leonard and his sister Esther, Los Angeles, 2001
© Photo by friend John
Permission for use granted by Esther Cohen
Thanks to Dick Straub for securing photo.

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The following works by Leonard Cohen
comprise this Concordance:

Let Us Compare Mythologies (completed) The Songs Of Leonard Cohen (completed)
The Spice-Box of Earth (completed) Songs From A Room (completed)
Flowers for Hitler (completed) Songs Of Love And Hate (completed)
Parasites of Heaven (completed) Live Songs (completed)
Selected Poems 1956-1968 (completed) New Skin For The Old Ceremony (completed)
The Energy of Slaves (completed) The Best Of Leonard Cohen (completed)
Death of a Lady's Man (completed) Death Of A Ladies' Man (completed)
Book of Mercy (completed) Recent Songs (completed)
Stranger Music (completed) Various Positions (completed)
Beautiful Losers (completed) I'm Your Man (completed)
The Future (completed)
Still To Come
Cohen Live (completed)
Other Songs More Best Of Leonard Cohen (completed)
Book of Longing  /  Night Magic Field Commander Cohen (completed)
Ten New Songs (completed)
The Favourite Game The Essential Leonard Cohen (completed)
Word Index Dear Heather (completed)
Blue Alert (completed)
Live In London (completed)
Live At The Isle of Wight 1970 (completed)
Songs From The Road (completed)
Old Ideas (completed)
Live In Fredericton (completed)
Popular Problems (completed)
Live In Dublin (completed)
Can't Forget: A Souvenir of the Grand Tour (completed)
You Want It Darker (completed)

All works contained herein © by Leonard Cohen.
All rights reserved.
Reprinted here with permission.


From Booklist review:

"His topics will be familiar to anyone who knows Cohen’s work: loneliness, faith, gratitude, the essential brokenness of the human spirit, and, of course, love—always love and its numerous manifestations... Poignant and brave, lit up with flashes of anger, this is a luminous collection and classic Cohen."

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This Concordance has been
compiled and prepared by Marie.  
If you have any suggestions, comments or errors
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I wish to thank Dick Straub for his endearing friendship,
Judith Fitzgerald for her ever-burning spark of light, and
Leonard Cohen for his generosity, compassion
and a body of work that continues to enrich and sustain.

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