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Leonard Cohen

Flowers for Hitler

Copyright © 1964 by
Leonard Cohen


What I'm Doing Here To a Man Who Thinks
He Is Making an Angel
I Had It for a Moment
The Hearth On the Sickness of My Love Island Bulletin
Portrait of the City Hall Cruel Baby Independence
Congratulations For Marianne The House
The Drawer's Condition
on November 28, 1961
The Failure of a Secular Life Order
The Suit My Mentors Destiny
Business as Usual Hydra 1960 Queen Victoria and Me
Indictment of the Blue Hole Leviathan The Pure List and the
Nothing I Can Lose Heirloom The New Step
(A Ballet-Drama in One Act)
Police Gazette Promise The Paper
No Partners Sky Nursery Rhyme
On the Death of an
Uncharted Planet
Waiting for Marianne Old Dialogue
I Wanted to Be a Doctor Why I Happen to Be Free Winter Bulletin
On Hearing a Name
Long Unspoken
The True Desire Why Did You Give My
Name to the Police?
Finally I Called The Way Back Governments Make Me Lonely
Style The Project The Lists
Goebbels Abandons His Novel
and Joins the Party
Hydra 1963 To the Indian Pilgrims
Why Commands Are Obeyed All There Is to Know
about Adolph Eichmann
The Music Crept By Us
It Uses Us! The New Leader The Telephone
The First Murder How It Happened in
the Middle of the Day
My Teacher Is Dying For E.J.P. Lot
Montreal 1964 The Glass Dog One of the Nights I
Didn't Kill Myself
Why Experience Is No Teacher A Migrating Dialogue The Big World
For My Old Layton The Bus Narcissus
The Only Tourist in
Havana Turns His Thoughts
Laundry Cherry Orchards
The Invisible Trouble The Rest Is Dross Streetcars
Sick Alone How the Winter Gets In Bullets
Millennium Propaganda Hitler
Hitler the Brain-Mole Opium and Hitler Front Lawn
Death of a Leader For Anyone Dressed in Marble Kerensky
Alexander Trocchi, Public
Junkie, Priez Pour Nous
Wheels, Fireclouds Another Night with
Three Good Nights Folk

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