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Copyright © 1993 by Leonard Cohen and
Leonard Cohen Stranger Music, Inc.
All Rights Reserved
Originally published in hardcover by Pantheon Books, New York,
and subsequently by McClelland & Stewart, Inc.,
Toronto, in 1993


Let Us Compare Mythologies: Songs Of Love And Hate: She Has Given Me the Bullet
Poem Joan of Arc Commentary - She Has Given Me the Bullet
Letter Avalanche The Good Fight
Lovers Diamonds in the Mine The Dove
Prayer for Messiah Famous Blue Raincoat The Rose
When This American Woman The Energy of Slaves: Not Going Back
These Heroics Welcome to These Lines Montreal
Warning The Only Poem French and English
The Fly Portrait of a Girl O Wife Unmasked
The Spice-Box of Earth: I Perceived the Outline of Your Breasts The Window
As the Mist Leaves No Scar The Escape Your Death
Beneath My Hands I Am Dying Petitions
I Have Not Lingered
in European Monasteries
1967 The Rebellion
I Long to Hold Some Lady Ugly in My Own Eyes The Price of This Book
Owning Everything There Are No Traitors Roshi
Song I Left a Woman This Wretch
For Anne Invisible Tonight Hurry to Your Dinner
You Have the Lovers Love Is a Fire Commentary - Hurry to Your Dinner
Song for Abraham Klein You Tore Your Shirt Slowly I Married Her
Song to Make Me Still Threat The Transmission
Summer Haiku Dark at Four O'Clock End of My Life in Art
My Lady Can Sleep Far from the Soil Roshi Again
Gift My Room How to Speak Poetry
I Wonder How Many
People in This City
The Road to Larissa Commentary - How to Speak Poetry

I Am Punished

The Politics of This Book
I Have Two Bars of Soap Aquarian Age You're Not Supposed to Be Here
The Cuckold's Song The Killers Final Examination
Morning Song Purest of Occasions Commentary - Final Examination
The Flowers That I Left in the Ground You Went to Work Recent Songs:
A Kite Is a Victim Any System Came So Far for Beauty
There Are Some Men One of These Days The Window
Isaiah I Try to Keep in Touch Our Lady of Solitude
Flowers for Hitler: My Greed The Gypsy Wife
What I'm Doing Here Your Eyes The Traitor
I Wanted to Be a Doctor This Is War The Guests
The Drawer's Condition
on November 28, 1961
I'd Like to Read Ballad of the Absent Mare
The Invisible Trouble The Poems Don't Love Us Any More Book of Mercy:
Opium and Hitler Stay I Stopped to Listen
It Uses Us! Etiquette When I Left the King
Heirloom A Veil I Heard My Soul Singing
All There Is to Know
about Adolph Eichmann
A Future Night Sit Down, Master
Sky Morocco In the Eyes of Men
Hitler Song for My Assassin Blessed Are You
The Failure of a Secular Life The Wrong Man You Have Sweetened Your Word
Wheels, Fireclouds One I Draw Aside the Curtain
The Music Crept by Us This Is My Voice Friend, When You Speak
Hydra 1960 New Skin For The Old Ceremony: My Teacher
Queen Victoria and Me Chelsea Hotel Israel
I Had It for a Moment Take This Longing You Who Pour Mercy into Hell
The Way Back Field Commander Cohen When I Have Not Rage
On Hearing a Name
Long Unspoken
There Is a War We Cry Out
Style Is This What You Wanted You Who Question Souls
Disguises Why Don't You Try It Is All Around Me
Cherry Orchards I Tried to Leave You It Is to You I Turn
Streetcars Who by Fire? Holy Is Your Name
Nothing I Can Lose A Singer Must Die Not Knowing Where to Go
Front Lawn Death Of A Ladies' Man: All My Life
The Big World Memories I Lost My Way
The Lists Paper-Thin Hotel Various Positions:
Promise True Love Leaves No Traces Dance Me to the End of Love
For E.J.P. I Left a Woman Waiting Coming Back to You
Parasites of Heaven: Don't Go Home with Your Hard-On The Captain
One Night I Burned Death of a Lady's Man: If It Be Your Will
I See You on a Greek Mattress I Knelt Beside a Stream The Night Comes On
Snow Is Falling The Café Hallelujah
Fingerprints Commentary - The Café I'm Your Man:
A Cross Didn't Fall on Me The Change First We Take Manhattan
Songs Of Leonard Cohen: Commentary - The Change Take This Waltz
Suzanne Death to This Book Ain't No Cure for Love
Teachers Commentary - Death to This Book I'm Your Man
Winter Lady Another Room I Can't Forget
So Long, Marianne Commentary - Another Room Everybody Knows
One of Us Cannot Be Wrong Death of a Lady's Man The Tower of Song
Hey, That's No Way
to Say Goodbye
My Wife and I The Future:
Master Song Commentary - My Wife and I Democracy
Sisters of Mercy The News You Really Hate The Future
The Stranger Song Commentary - The News You Really Hate Anthem
Selected Poems 1956-1968: I Decided Light as the Breeze
A Person Who Eats Meat The Beetle Closing Time
Marita Commentary - The Beetle Waiting for the Miracle
This Is for You The Altar Uncollected Poems:
The Reason I Write Commentary - The Altar To a Fellow Student
You Do Not Have to Love Me This Marriage Fragment from a Journal
You Live Like a God Commentary I - This Marriage When Even The
Beautiful Losers: Commentary II - This Marriage Paris Models
Be with Me The Photograph On Seeing Kabir's Poems
on Her Dressing Table
What Is a Saint It's Probably Spring My Honour
A Great Feast in Quebec Commentary - It's Probably Spring Peace
Magic Is Alive Another Family The Embrace
All Right, Edith The Asthmatic A Deep Happiness
Believe Me, Edith Commentary - The Asthmatic Every Pebble
Songs From A Room: A Woman's Decision Days of Kindness
Story of Isaac I Bury My Girlfriend
Lady Midnight A Different Drum
You Know Who I Am A Working Man
Seems So Long Ago, Nancy Commentary - A Working Man
Bird on the Wire The Unclean Start
The Next One
A Marvellous Woman
The Event
You Have No Form
The Dream
I Like the Way You Opposed Me
Beside My Son
Commentary - Beside My Son

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