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The Courage to Be Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Emotional Strength and Self-Esteem
by Sue Patton Thoele

Sue Patton Thoele continues her quest to help readers enhance their self-esteem and tap into their core emotional strength. Geared to women who too often find themselves meeting the wants of others at the expense of their own needs, the book provides necessary tools to help readers transform their fears into the courage to express their own authentic selves. By sharing her own journey and the journey of other women, Thoele helps readers learn to set boundaries, change self-defeating behavior patterns, communicate effectively, and become a loving and tolerant friend to themselves. This tenth-anniversary edition contains 30 percent new material, including a new introduction.

Women and Self-esteem: Understanding and Improving the Way We Think and Feel About Ourselves
by Linda T. Sanford and Mary Ellen Donovan

A look at the causes and affects of low self-esteem in women, and at the way their lives are restricted by negative views of themselves. As well as identifying the problems, the authors offer practical step-by-step guidelines to help women begin to take control of their lives.

What Is Your Self-Worth?: A Woman's Guide to Validation
by Cheryl Saban Ph.D.

Psychologist, philanthropist, and family advocate Cheryl Saban, Ph.D., is on a mission! What Is Your Self-Worth? is a call to action for women around the world to take a look at how society perceives them, how they perceive themselves, and how women can adopt a personal mind-set (choosing happiness). You can form new habits! You can find your voice! Unlearn a perceived lack of control over your life.

Uncover, rediscover, and express the worth that is innately yours, regardless of what others may say or do to make you doubt it. Your core authentic self is your truth . . . what you believe in and care about, where you come from, who you are. With a strong sense of self, you are able to view outside influences objectively . . . as merely outside influences.

With interactive tasks and quizzes for self-assessment and growth that uniquely personalize the book for you, Cheryl helps you proactively express and own your sense of validity. She reveals the simple yet powerful truth about a womans self-worth through relevant research and by divulging her own personal life challenges and triumphs, including the horror of rape; the marginalization of divorce; the difficulty of single-parenthood; and ultimately a fulfilling 20-year marriage and a dynamic, successful life.

Once you have rediscovered yourself, you will be eager to pass this knowledge forward to your daughters and sons.

Recovery Of Your Self-Esteem: A Guide For Women
by Carolynn Hillman

With warmth and encouragement, along with her original ten-step process, Carolynn Hillman puts self-esteem and the accomplishments and real satisfaction it engenders within the reach of every woman. Her straightforward approach to conquering feelings of inadequacy and self-defeating behavior include:

* Practicing six key ways of nurturing yourself
* Recognizing and appreciating your good points
* Silencing the inner-critic -- and heeding the inner-child
* Breaking the self-imposed failure cycle
* Overcoming external obstacles that limit your progress

Recovery of Your Self-Esteem supports readers with participatory exercises and inspiring examples that confirm feelings of increased self-respect and achievement. It offers invaluable advice and understanding that will pave the way toward feeling better more of the time.

Know Yourself: A Woman's Guide to Wholeness, Radiance & Supreme Confidence
by Barbara Rose


* Know why you are in this life and what you are here to do
* Learn how to live your life passionately
* Uncover and eliminate feelings of being "less than" anyone else
* Validate yourself rather than seeking validation from others
* Own all parts of yourself and release self-criticism
* Overcome negative messages you accepted as a child
* Genuinely love yourself and become your own best friend
* Release feelings of need in a relationship so you can relate confidently and authentically
* Free yourself from emotional pain, confusion, worry, and attachment to outcomes
* Activate wholeness, radiance, and supreme confidence in every area of your life

Once a woman knows herself, she is radiant, whole, and supremely confident. Once you know who you truly are, you become an unstoppable positive force of the divine within. You will be a beacon of hope; your example will radiate out to all around you as you stand confidently in your truth and purpose, knowing and being all you came into this life to be.

This book will take you on a fantastic journey to discover who you really are, and uncover all you have forgotten yourself to be. You will come to know your truth and your purpose, and you will be able to express your truth in every facet of your life.

With the help of this book, you are finally going to learn how to become whole, radiant, and supremely confident; and you are going to shine!

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