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Best Books for Teens

My Feet Aren't Ugly!: A Girl's Guide to Loving Herself from the Inside Out
by Debra Beck

Do you sometimes feel like other girls are prettier, more trendy, or more popular than you? Do you ever feel bad about yourself?

In this funny, honest book, teen expert and mentor Debra Beck provides in-depth examples and exercises to develop the tools you need for self-confidence. Learn how to have fulfilling relationships, make good decisions for yourself, respect yourself and others, and love yourself for who you are.

In a humorous, breezy style, this book instructs young women about how to feel good about themselves. Beck uses personal anecdotes from her youth, as well as stories about the young women she knows and works with to illustrate her points and provide examples. She covers topics that include resisting peer pressure, being kind to your body, developing healthy habits, personal responsibility, eating disorders, suicide, and physical intimacy.


2009 Mom's Choice Award for Self-Improvement- Gold medal
Moonbeam Award for Best First Book Young Adult, Non-Fiction- Bronze medal
Nautilus Book Award for Young Adult, Non-Fiction -Silver medal
USA Book News Best Book Award Winner- Gold medal

Teen Esteem: A Self-Direction Manual for Young Adults
by Pat Palmer

This book will help teens build their refusal skills and positive attitudes necessary to handle peer pressure, substance abuse, and the myriad other challenges that teens face.


"Just Say No..."

...a catchy phrase, but we all know it's not that simple!

Teens who live in the real world need real help: refusal skills, positive attitudes, "teen esteem."

This easy-to-read book will help you feel good about yourself and build the skills you need to handle peer pressure, substance abuse, sexual expression, growing independence, and the other endless challenges in your life. The authors worked closely with teenagers in writing this book -- and really listened to their feedback. The result is a very readable source of help and encouragement for every teen.

Empowering Teens to Build Self-Esteem
by Suzanne E. Harrill

For Adolescents, Parents, Teachers, Counselors

This self-help book, written for adolescents, is simple to understand and easy to read. It empowers teens to be their own best friend by building positive self-talk and learning to rescript their lives for success and happiness. It includes affirmations, journal questions, Teen Self-Esteem Awareness Indicator, dating tips and much more.

Teen's Guide to Not Being Perfect
by Tom Krause

Teen's Guide to NOT Being Perfect is a refreshing guide book for teens. Tom Krause, a dedicated teacher, encourages teens to accept who they are, dream big dreams, be creative, and to realize they have worth. A great read for a future generation of leaders. -Bob Phillips: Pointman Leadership Institute

Thirty years experience gained from working with thousands of students in the public school system as a teacher and coach lead Tom Krause to write this book designed to offer encouragement, guidance and to help teens deal with the ever-changing fog of puberty. Society in general has made the teenage years more complex today than they were thirty years ago. Increasing drug usage, suicide attempts and high school dropout rates attest to the difficulty many teens face in today's world. However, teens today remain the same wonderful vessels of hope that their parents were decades ago. This book is a compilation of valuable principles offered to help today's teen answer the questions "Will I make it?" and "Am I normal?".

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