Highlights on the Tour of 1979 album:

Raffi Hakopian turns in virtuoso violin solos on the songs, "The Window," "The Gypsy Wife," "Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye" and "The Guests."

Mitch Watkins dazzles with his guitar solo on "Bird On The Wire."

Jennifer Warnes melts hearts in her duet with Leonard in "The Smokey Life."

John Bilezikjian works his magic on the oud in a solo on "Lover Lover Lover."

Paul Ostermayer wows the audience with his sax solos on "Memories" and "Why Don't You Try."

Sharon Robinson is melodious in her duet with Leonard in the song "Why Don't You Try."


Sharon Robinson
Jennifer Warnes

The Band

Roscoe Beck - bass guitar
John Bilezikjian - oud, mandolin
Bill Ginn - keyboards
Raffi Hakopian - violin
Steve Meador - drums
Paul Ostermayer - wind
Mitch Watkins - electric guitar

Mitch Watkins has released five albums of his own recordings and has performed with many other artists. He continues to work his guitar magic in the Austin, Texas, area. In addition to the 1979 tour, Mitch also toured with Leonard in 1980, 1985 and with Jennifer Warnes in 1986. Mitch also played on the Recent Songs album.

Sharon Robinson has co-written two songs with Leonard, "Everybody Knows", from the I'm Your Man album and prominently featured on the soundtrack to the movie Pump Up the Volume, and the song "Waiting For The Miracle" from The Future album. Currently she is working with Leonard on songs for his next studio album.

Raffi Hakopian stunned audiences with his "gypsy" violin performances. Leonard first heard Raffi playing at a club in Los Angeles. Raffi's work is featured on the Recent Songs and I'm Your Man albums and he toured with Leonard in 1979 and 1980.

John Bilezikjian continues to dazzle audiences with his mastery of the oud. He has released several albums of his work as well as performed with Placidio Domingo, Ofra Haza, Robert Palmer, and Cantor Isaac Behar. His work also enhances the soundtracks of some 50 movies including Anastasia, Schindler's List, and Prince of Egypt. John toured with Leonard in 1979, 1980, and 1988 and his beautiful music is featured on Recent Songs, I'm Your Man and Cohen Live.

Click on photo from Roscoe Beck's Scrapbook to see the members of the band Passenger, most of whom toured with Leonard in 1979.

Roscoe Beck is the founding member of Robben Ford and the Blue Line, playing on and/or co-producing their five discs. He has played with and co-produced many other artists' work including Jennifer Warnes' Famous Blue Raincoat, an album of Leonard's songs. Fender Musical Instruments recently released the Roscoe Beck Signature Five-String Bass, a popular addition to Fender's line of legendary instruments. In addition to the 1979 tour, Roscoe also toured with Leonard in 1980, co-produced I'm Your Man and served as musical director for the 1988 tour.

"If you want to hear what a woman is thinking, if you want to hear what a woman sounds like today, listen to Jennifer Warnes." -- Leonard Cohen
Jennifer Warnes holds the record for most Oscar-nominated songs (four) and most Oscar-winning songs (three). She has recorded eight solo albums, including the Grammy-nominated album of Leonard's songs entitled Famous Blue Raincoat. She has performed with Bob Dylan, Roy Orbison, Tina Turner, Harry Belafonte, James Taylor, Randy Newman, Jackson Browne and many others. In addition to the 1979 tour, Jennifer toured with Leonard in 1972 and is featured on Live Songs, Recent Songs, Various Positions, I'm Your Man and The Future.

Bill Ginn toured with Leonard in 1979, 1980 and 1993. He performed on Recent Songs and also co-produced The Future album.

Steve Meador has been a force on many of Leonard's tours. In addition to the 1979 tour, Steve accompanied Leonard on the 1980, 1988, and 1993 tours and appears on The Future and Cohen Live albums.

Paul Ostermayer wrote about the 1979 tour:

"We were young and energetic, mustering every ounce of taste and good judgement not to lay waste to the exquisite subtleties of Leonard's work...it was wonderful how the virtuoso talents of John and Raffi, while providing the ethnic colorings so crucial to the tapestry of Leonard's music, also served as a link between Passenger and Leonard, simultaneously hooking up with our energy and serving the spirit of his music..."

(from Leonard Cohen: In Every Style of Passion by Jim Devlin, p. 95)

Paul is featured on the Cohen Live album and toured with Leonard in 1979, 1980 and 1993.

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