The Songs

Field Commander Cohen

The Window
Violin solo by Raffi Hakopian

The Smokey Life
Duet with Jennifer Warnes

The Gypsy Wife
Violin solo by Raffi Hakopian

Lover Lover Lover
Includes two long oud solos by John Bilezikjian
Hey, That's No Way To Say Goodbye
Violin solo by Raffi Hakopian

The Stranger Song

The Guests
Violin solo by Raffi Hakopian

Sax solo by Paul Ostermayer

Why Don't You Try
Duet with Sharon Robinson, solo by Paul Ostermayer
Bird On The Wire
Guitar solo by Mitch Watkins

So Long, Marianne

Produced by Leanne Ungar
Recorded live by Henry Lewy
Technical Assistance on Tour provided by John Wood
Engineered by Leanne Ungar at Still Life Studios and Westlake Audio
(Los Angeles, California)
Mixed by Bill Schnee at Schnee Studios (North Hollywood, California)
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab (Hollywood, California)
Production Consultants: Sharon Robinson and Bob Metzger

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