The 1979 Tour in Europe*
Concerts in white are scheduled to be covered on the new album.
Oct 7-10 London, England
Rehearsals in Shepperton Studios
Nov 1 Frankfurt, Germany
Dec 1 Munich, Germany
Circus Krone (1)
Oct 13 Gothenburg, Sweden
Nov 2 Böblingen, Germany
Dec 1 Munich, Germany
Circus Krone (2)
Oct 14 Stockholm, Sweden
Nov 4 Aachen, Germany
Dec 3 Bonn, Germany
Oct 15 Oslo, Norway
Nov 5 Berlin, Germany
Dec 4 London, England
Hammersmith Odeon
Oct 17 Copenhagen, Denmark
Falkoner Teatret
Nov 6 Müster, Germany
Halle Münsterland
Dec 5 London, England
Hammersmith Odeon
Oct 19 Avignon, France
Parc des Expositions
Nov 8 Mainz, Germany
Dec 6 London, England
Hammersmith Odeon
Oct 20 Nice, France
Théâtre de Verdure
Nov 9 Bochum, Germany
Dec 8 Birmingham, England
Oct 22 Paris, France
Pavillon de Paris
Nov 11 Hannover, Germany
Dec 9 Manchester, England
Oct 24 Bordeaux, France
Parc d'Exposition
Nov 12 Kassel, Germany
Dec 10 Glasgow, Scotland
Oct 25 Nantes, France
Parc d'Exposition
Nov 13 Bremen, Germany
Dec 11 Edinburgh, Scotland
Oct 26 Cambrais, France
Palais des Grottes
Nov 14 Ulm, Germany
Dec 13 Preston, England
Oct 27 Antwerp, Belgium
Koningin Elizabethzaal
Nov 15 Nuremberg, Germany
Dec 14 Dublin, Ireland
National Stadium (1)
Oct 28 Brussels, Belgium
Palais des Beaux Arts
Nov 17 Cologne, Germany
Dec 14 Dublin, Ireland
National Stadium (2)
Oct 29 Montpelier, France
Palais des Sports
Nov 18 Düsseldorf, Germany
Dec 15 Brighton, England
Dome Theatre
Oct 30 Paris, France
Théâtre des
Nov 19 Kiel, Germany
Oct 31 Munich, Germany
ZDF Television Studio
Nov 21 Hamburg, Germany
Congress Centrum
Nov 22 Braunschweig, Germany
Nov 23 Hamburg, Germany
Congress Centrum
Nov 25 Freiburg, Germany
Nov 26 Ludwigshafen, Germany
Nov 27 Lausanne, Switzerland
Théâtre de Beaulieu (?)
Nov 28 Zürich, Switzerland
Kongresshaus (1)
Nov 28 Zürich, Switzerland
Kongresshaus (2)
Nov 30 Munich, Germany
Circus Krone

About the 1979 Tour, Jim Devlin wrote:

"Shortly after the release of Recent Songs, Leonard toured Europe with Passenger, plus Raffi Hakopian...and John Bilezikjian. Jennifer Warnes and Sharon Robinson sang backup. After final rehearsals in London, they played 52 concerts, opening in Gothenburg, Sweden, on Oct 13 and ending just over two months later in Brighton, England, on Dec 15. It was more than three years since Leonard had been on tour; no concerts followed the release of Death Of A Ladies' Man in 1977, and the song-repertoire was the most extensive of all his tours, before or since... [A]n impressive total of 45 songs were included in the set-lists with six from Recent Songs. Harry Rasky, the Canadian director, filmed several concerts, including Antwerp, Paris and Frankfurt, and included footage in his documentary The Song of Leonard Cohen, produced by CBC and first broadcast in 1980..."

(from Leonard Cohen: In Every Style of Passion by Jim Devlin, p. 93)

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