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Leonard Cohen

McGill Poetry Series Cover

© by Leonard Cohen
All Rights Reserved
Published in 1956 for the McGill Poetry Series
by Contact Press, Toronto
First McClelland and Stewart printing, 1966


Elergy Friends Twilight
For Wilf and his House Lovers To I.P.L.
The Song of the Hellenist
(For R.K.)
The Warrior Boats Poem
Prayer for Messiah Letter Halloween Poem
Rites Pagans On Certain Incredible Nights
Rededication Song Jingle
Pioneers Prayer for Sunset The Fly
The Sparrows Ballad Warning
Item Saint Catherine Street Les Vieux
City Christ Ballad Story
Song of Patience Summer Night Saviours
When this American Woman The Flier Exodus
These Heroics Had We Nothing to Prove "Just the Worst Time"
Folk Song Satan in Westmount Beside the Shepherd
Song Fragment of Baroque

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