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Leonard Cohen

The Spice-Box of Earth

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McClelland and Stewart Limited


A Kite Is a Victim You Have the Lovers Celebration
After the Sabbath Prayers When I Uncovered
Your Body
As the Mist Leaves
No Scar
Gift The Adulterous
Wives of Solomon
Beneath My Hands
The Flowers that
I Left in the Ground
The Sleeping Beauty I Long to Hold
Some Lady
If It Were Spring Owning Everything Now of Sleeping
There Are Some Men Song to Make Me Still Song
You All in White The Priest Says Goodbye Song
I Wonder How Many
People in This City
A Poem to Detain Me For Anne
It Is Late Afternoon Angels Last Dance at the
Four Penny
An Orchard of Shore Trees The Cuckold's Song Song for Abraham Klein
Go by Brooks Morning Song Good Brothers
Before the Story The Unicorn Tapestries Summer Haiku
(For Frank and Marian Scott)
Alone the Master and
the Slave Embrace
The Boy's Beauty
(for Betty)
Priests 1957
Twelve O'Clock Chant The Girl Toy Out of the Land of Heaven
(for Marc Chagall)
To a Teacher Dead Song Absurd Prayer
I Have Not Lingered
in European Monasteries
Call You Grass Prayer of My Wild Grandfather
It Swings, Jocko My Lady Can Sleep Isaiah (For G.C.S.)
Credo Travel The Genius
Sing to Fish,
Embrace the Beast
I Have Two Bars
of Soap
Lines from My
Grandfather's Journal
Inquiry into the
Nature of Cruelty
Brighter than Our Sun

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