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Leonard Cohen

Cover of Selected Poems 1956-1968

Copyright © 1964, 1966, 1968 by Leonard Cohen
All Rights Reserved
First published in 1968 in a hardbound edition


Let Us Compare Mythologies: Flowers for Hitler: Parasites of Heaven:
For Wilf and His House What I'm Doing Here The Nightmares Do Not Suddenly
Prayer for Messiah The Hearth A Cross Didn't Fall on Me
The Song of the Hellenist The Drawer's Condition on November 28, 1961 So You're the Kind of Vegetarian
The Sparrows The Suit Nothing Has Been Broken
City Christ Indictment of the Blue Hole Here We Are at the Window
Song of Patience I Wanted to Be a Doctor Clean as the Grass from Which
When This American Woman On Hearing a Name Long Unspoken When I Paid the Sun to Run
Song Style I See You on a Greek Mattress
These Heroics Goebbels Abandons His Novel and Joins the Party Suzanne Wears a Leather Coat
Lovers Hitler and Brain-Mole One Night I Burned the House I Loved
The Warrior Boats It Uses Us! Two Went to Sleep
Letter My Teacher Is Dying In the Bible Generations Pass...
Pagans For My Old Layton Found Once Again Shamelessly Ignoring the Swans...
Song Finally I Called When I Hear You Sing
Prayer for Sunset The Only Tourist in Havana Turns His Thoughts Homeward He Was Lame
Ballad Millennium I Am Too Loud When You Are Gone
St. Catherine Street Alexander Trocchi, Public Junkie, Priez pour Nous Somewhere in My Trophy Room...
Ballad Three Good Nights You Know Where I Have Been
Summer Night On the Sickness of My Love I Met a Woman Long Ago
The Flier For Marianne I've Seen Some Lonely History
Poem The Failure of a Secular Life Snow Is Falling
The Fly My Mentors Created Fires I Cannot Love
Warning Heirloom Claim Me, Blood, If You Have a Story
Story The Project He Was Beautiful When He Sat Alone
Beside the Shepherd Hydra 1963 I Am a Priest of God
The Spice-Box of Earth: All There Is to Know about Adolph Eichmann In Almond Trees Lemon Trees
A Kite Is a Victim The New Leader Suzanne Takes You Down
The Flowers That I Left in the Ground For E.J.P. Give Me Back My Fingerprints
Gift A Migrating Dialogue Foreign God, Reigning in Earthly Glory...
There Are Some Men The Bus I Believe You Heard Your Master Sing
You All in White The Rest Is Dross This Morning I Was Dressed by the Wind
I Wonder How Many
People in This City
How the Winter Gets In I Stepped into an Avalanche
Go by Brooks Propaganda New Poems:
To a Teacher Opium and Hitler This Is for You
I Have Not Lingered
in European Monasteries
For Anyone Dressed in Marble You Do Not Have to Love Me
It Swings, Jocko Folk It's Just a City, Darling
Credo I Had It for a Moment Edmonton, Alberta, December 1966, 4 a.m.
You Have the Lovers Independence The Broom Is an Army of Straw
Owning Everything The House I Met You
The Priest Says Goodbye The Lists Calm, Alone, the Cedar Guitar
The Cuckold's Song Order You Live Like a God
Dead Song Destiny Aren't You Tired
My Lady Can Sleep Queen Victoria and Me She Sings So Nice
Travel The New Step: A Ballet-Drama in One Act The Reason I Write
I Have Two Bars of Soap Winter Bulletin When I Meet You in the Small Streets
Celebration Why Did You Give My Name to the Police? It Has Been Some Time
Beneath My Hands The Music Crept by Us A Person Who Eats Meat
As the Mist Leaves No Scar Disguises Who Will Finally Say
I Long to Hold Some Lady Lot Waiting to Tell the Doctor
Now of Sleeping One of the Nights I Didn't Kill Myself It's Good to Sit with People
Song Bullets Do Not Forget Old Friends
Song The Big World Marita
For Anne Front Lawn He Studies to Describe
Last Dance at the Four Penny Kerensky
Summer Haiku Another Night with Telescope
Out of the Land of Heaven
Prayer of My Wild Grandfather
The Genius
Lines from My Grandfather's Journal

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