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The Production Team

               Songs by
Sharon Robinson               

"New Attitude"
written with: Bunny Hull and John Gilutin
recorded by: Patti LaBelle on "Beverly Hills Cop" soundtrack album (MCA), "Patti LaBelle Live" (MCA), and many others

"Everybody Knows"
Sharon Robinsonwritten with: Leonard Cohen
recorded by: Leonard Cohen on "I'm Your Man" (CBS), "Cohen Live" (CBS), "More Best Of" (CBS); Concrete Blonde on "Ghost of a Texas Ladies Man" (IRS) and "Pump Up the Volume" soundtrack album (MCA); Don Henley on "Actual Miles-Henley's Greatest Hits" (Geffen)

"Waiting For the Miracle"
written with: Leonard Cohen
recorded by: Leonard Cohen on "The Future" (CBS), "Natural Born Killers" soundtrack album (Interscope), "Wonder Boys" soundtrack album (Sony/Columbia)

written with: Leonard Cohen
recorded by: Diana Ross on "Red Hot Rhythm & Blues" (Motown), Roberta Flack on "Set the Night to Music" (WEA/Atlantic)

"Every Day of My Life"
recorded by: Aaron Neville on "The Tatooed Heart" (A&M)

"Life's Lessons"
recorded by: Carl Anderson on "Pieces of a Heart" (GRP)

"This is the Love"
recorded by: Randy Crawford on "Rich and Poor" (WB)

"All American"
written with: Brenda Russell
recorded by: Brenda Russell on "Kiss Me with the Wind" (A&M)

"Hot Together"
recorded by: The Pointer Sisters on "Hot Together" (RCA), "Stakeout" soundtrack album

"Inner Rhythm"
written with: Matthew Wilder
recorded by: Donny Osmond on "Donny Osmond" (Capitol) and "Best of Donny Osmond" (Capitol)

"I Got Your Number"
written with: Hamish Stuart
recorded by: The Temptations on "Together Again" (Motown)

"Cross My Heart"
written with: Hamish Stuart
recorded by: Diana Ross on "Red Hot Rhythm & Blues" (Motown)

"A Man and A Woman"
recorded by: Ute Lemper on "Crimes of the Heart" (Columbia/Sony)

"That Was Then, This Is Now"
written with: Soulshock and Carlin
recorded by: Vanessa Rubin on "New Horizons" (RCA)

"New Attitude" Grammy Nominations (3) for Best R&B Song, Best Soundtrack Album ("Beverly Hills Cop"), best R&B vocal performance (Patti LaBelle)

"New Attitude" Grammy for Best Soundtrack Album ("Beverly Hills Cop") (1985)

Leonard Cohen 1979, 1980
Ann-Margret Show 1976-1985
Brenda Russell
Thelma Houston
Rick Nelson
Sweet Inspirations
John Baldry
Lead singer in numberless top 40 bands

Patti LaBelle
Michael Bolton
Brenda Russell
Stevie Nicks
Morris Day
Robbie Krieger
Jennifer Warnes
Patrice Rushen
Leonard Cohen
Aaron Neville

Ethel Newman - classical piano
Salem College, W.Va.
California Institute of the Arts
Oxford Theater, Los Angeles
Kyozan Joshu Sasaki, Roshi

Sharon and Leonard

"Funky Chicken" by Greg Gold
Sharon and Leonard at work
© Greg Gold

Work of          
          Leanne Ungar

Leanne Ungar "I started in the studio in New York in 1972. The place was called Sound Ideas, on 46 Street, and it doesn't exist anymore. The chief engineer was Geoff Daking, who now makes the consoles and compressors. While I was there I worked as an assistant on two James Brown records, the Brecker Brothers, Manhattan Transfer, and I first worked with Leonard Cohen on New Skin for the Old Ceremony.

I went to Le Studio Morin Heights as a full engineer in 1975. I was there a year and worked on the first of several projects with Cat Stevens.

In 1976 I returned to New York, and got a job at A&R recording. (Also not there anymore!) Did more Cat Stevens, Louden Wainwright, Janis Ian. Went freelance in 1977. More Janis Ian, film scores with Mason Daring, a series of records and a movie with Laurie Anderson.

I started working with Leonard again in 1984, on Various Positions, then I'm Your Man in 1987, The Future in 1993, and Cohen Live in 1994. Field Commander Cohen is the fifth album I've worked on with him, and the new studio album will be the sixth.

Other projects I've done include three records with Holly Cole, three with Perla Batalla, and film scores with Cliff Martinez. Many others, not famous."

-- Leanne

Leanne Ungar


Laurie Anderson: "Home of the Brave" (1986; remote recording, film mix, soundtrack), "Mister Heartbreak" (1984; recording and mix), "Big Science" (1981; recording and mix);

Perla Batalla: "Heaven and Earth" (2000; recording and mix), "Mestiza" (1998; recording), "Perla Batalla" (1995; recording, mix, and co-production);

Carlene Carter: "I Fell In Love" (1990; recording);

Leonard Cohen: "Field Commander Cohen" (2001; engineering and production), "Leonard Cohen Live" (1994; recording and co-production), "The Future" (1992; recording and mix), "I'm Your Man" (1988; mix), "Various Positions" (1984; recording and mix);

Holly Cole: "Dear Dark Heart" (1997; recording), "It Happened One Night" (1996; remote recording and mix for long-form video and enhanced CD), "Greatest Hits" (1995; mix), "Don't Smoke in Bed" (1994; recording and mix);

Janis Ian: "Night Rains" (1980; recording and mix).

Freelance L.A.:
Work included Fishbone, Michael Martin, Wade Biery, Joe Henderson, Adam Cohen, Joy Askew, The Temptations, Ray Charles, Willie Nelson, Big Mountain, 3T, Billy Joel, Luther Vandross, Natalie Cole, Guster, The Brite Brothers, Vonda Shepard, Aaron Neville, Tom Jones, Cowboy Mouth, and Trisha Yearwood. Movie scores for "The Limey", "The Underneath", "King of the Hill", "Passion Fish", "Kafka", "Pump Up the Volume", and "Bloodhounds of Broadway". TV scores for "thirtysomething", "The Wonder Years", "Full House", "Family Matters", TV themes for "Nova" and "Frontline".

Freelance New York:
Work included Bill Staines, "Wild, Wild Heart"; "Lost Tropics", "Gary Portnoy", and "Leata Galloway", David Van Tieghem, The Paul Winter Consort, Nile Rodgers, Peter Gabriel, Bill Laswell, Peter Gordon, Peter Criss, The Roches, Kate and Anna McGarrigle, Deadly Nightshade, and Clarence Clemmons. Movie scores for "Matewan", "The Bell Jar", "The Keep", and "Working Girls".

Staff Engineer, A&R Recording, New York.
Work included Loudon Wainwright III, Millie Jackson, Billy Essex, Mike Stoller, Janis Ian, and Cat Stevens. Movie scores for "A Star Is Born" and "Hair".

Staff Engineer, Le Studio Morin Heights, Quebec.
Work included Cat Stevens, Art Garfunkle, Jean Pierre Ferland, Rand Bishop, and Lewis Furey.

Assistant Engineer, Sound Ideas, New York.
Work included James Brown, Manhattan Transfer, The Brecker Brothers, Sonny Terry, Martin Mull, Michael Kamen, and Laura Nyro.

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