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Date of Addition Site Additions for April
April 4 Ten New Songs - Leonard Cohen by Pico Iyer, Tricycle, Spring 2002.
April 4 Cohen, Leonard: Ten New Songs by John Mulvey,, March 2002.

Date of Addition Site Additions for March
March 10 Ten New Songs by Gökalp Baykal, Roll Magazine, February 2002.
March 10 Leonard Cohen: New Songs, New Approach by Eric Rudolph, Mix, February 2002.
March 10 Brother of Mercy by Mikal Gilmore, Spin, March 2002.
March 10 Older & Better: Two Seasoned Veterans of Life's Battles Have New Albums that Prove Some Musical Artistry Is Perfected with Age by Ellis Widner, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, November 4, 2001.
March 10 Leonard Cohen, Ten New Songs, Columbia by Ellis Widner, Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, October 14, 2001.
March 10 Leonard Cohen Returns with Ten New Songs by G. Brown, The Denver Post, October 7, 2001.
March 10 Leonard Cohen: Ten New Songs by Craig Seymour, The Buffalo News, October 26, 2001.
March 10 Altitude Adjustment Hasn't Hurt Cohen's Haunting Melodies, Wry, Deep Lyrics Show His Genius Is Well Intact by Tom Sime, Dallas Morning News, December 23, 2001.
March 10 Leonard Cohen: Ten New Songs by Ross Middlemiss Friedman, Christchurch Press, November 3, 2001.
March 10 The Sound of Serenity: Leonard Cohen Returns after Eight-Year Hiatus by Mark Guarino, Chicago Daily Herald, November 23, 2001.

Date of Addition Site Additions for January
January 20 Leonard Cohen: Constant Earth, Wind and Fire by Jennie Punter, Flare, November 2001.
January 20 Best Music of 2001, a list of the various writers and magazines choosing Ten New Songs for their "best of" lists for 2001.
January 20 Leonard Cohen Ten New Songs by Patrick Vandenberghe, Ultra WWW Magazine, January 2002.
January 20 2001 That Was the Year that Was: Ten New Songs, Uncut, January 2002.
January 20 Pop Music, Festive Treats: Ten New Songs by Marcus Berkmann, The Spectator, 8 December 2001.
January 20 Leonard Cohen: Ten New Songs by John Milward,, November 2001.
January 20 A Great New Album by a Zen Priest: That Is to Say, um, Leonard Cohen by Michael Shannon, Hundred Mountain, Fall 2001.
January 20 Review of Leonard Cohen, Ten New Songs by Michael Senft, The Arizona Republic, December 6, 2001.
January 20 Leonard Cohen Ten New Songs by Shlomo Sher,, December 3, 2001.

Date of Addition Site Additions for December
December 8 Two alternative covers Leonard considered for Ten New Songs.
December 8 Happy at Last: The Poet Returns from His Zen Retreat with a New Album and a Sunnier Disposition by J. Poet, Pulse, November 2001.

Date of Addition Site Additions for November
November 26 Link to review in Isthmus.
November 26 Ten New Songs by Charles M. Young, Playboy, December 2001. (US)
November 26 Ten New Songs by David Brearley, Weekend Australian, 3-4 November 2001. (Australia)
November 18 Felonious Monk by Sylvie Simmons, MOJO, November 2001. (UK)
November 18 Songs of a Poet by Steve Matteo, Inside Connection, November 2001. (US)
November 13 Love's Hard Man by Alan Franks, The Times Magazine, October 13, 2001. (UK)
November 13 Links to reviews in and RTÉ ACE Interactive.
November 4 Exile on Main Street by Brett Grainger, Elm Street, November 2001. (Canada)

Date of Addition Site Additions for October
October 29 Ten New Songs by Leonard Cohen by Roger Catlin, The Hartford Courant, October 11, 2001. (US)
October 29 The Prince of Prurience and Loss by John Leland, GQ, November 2001. (US)
October 28 Leonard Cohen: Down from the Mountain, Singing with More Serenity by Ann Powers, New York Times, October 28, 2001. (US)
October 28 Q&A: Leonard Cohen by Mark Binelli, Rolling Stone, November 8, 2001. (US)
October 28 CD Review: Ten New Songs Reveal Leonard Cohen's Passion for Life by Megan Milks, Cavalier Daily (U. Virginia), October 19, 2001. (US)
October 27 40 pages from Leonard's notebook where he worked on "Alexandra Leaving" are added.
October 21 Cohen on Wry by Michael Krugman, Flaunt, October 2001. (US)
October 21 The California Girl and the Ladies' Man by Doug Saunders, Globe & Mail, October 11, 2001. (Canada)
October 21 From The Music Issue, photo by Annie Leibovitz, Vanity Fair, November 2001. (US)
October 21 Ten New Songs: Leonard Cohen by Michael Dwyer, The Age, October 19, 2001. (Australia)
October 21 Links to reviews in and Toronto Sun.
October 18 Link to the Transcript from Leonard Cohen's Premiere Online Web Chat at Sony's Leonard Cohen site.
October 14 Bedroom Poetry: The Girl, the Bottle, and the Forest by Patrik Forshage, Nöjesguiden, October 12, 2001. (Sweden)
October 14 The Prophet Came Down from the Mountain by Harri Uusitorppa, Helsingin Sanomat, October 12, 2001. (Finland)
October 14 Link to a review in New York Daily News.
October 14 Links to articles in Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Observer, and The Observer (UK).
October 14 Consumer Guide: Unpatriotic?! Moi? by Robert Christgau, The Village Voice, October 10, 2001. (US)
October 14 The Quick and the Deafening by David Sinclair, The Times, October 9, 2001. (UK)
October 14 New Releases by Mark Edwards, The Sunday Times, October 7, 2001. (UK)
October 14 Cohen's Demons Haunt Still by Steve Morse, The Boston Globe, October 12, 2001. (US)
October 14 Ten New Songs, Tower Records, October 9, 2001. (US)
October 14 Links to reviews in Entertainment Weekly.
October 10 Links to articles in San Francisco Chronicle and Macleans, links to interviews in Los Angeles Times and Macleans.
October 10
October 6
October 6
October 6
October 3 Song clips for all the songs are linked from Sony's site.
October 3 Three promotional photos of Leonard by Laszlo added in The Songs section.
October 3 The cover of the promotional single by Laszlo is added in The Interview section.

Date of Addition Site Additions for September
September 28 Links to LA Weekly article by Brendan Bernhard.
September 22 A Happy Man by Mireille Silcott, Saturday Night, September 15, 2001. (Canada)
September 4 Songs to Remember by Javier Laborda, Magazine, Sunday Supplement to La Vanguardia, La Razón, and others, August 26, 2001. (Spain)
September 1 State of Grace by Doug Saunders, Toronto Globe and Mail, September 1, 2001. (Canada)

Date of Addition Site Additions for August
August 31 Leonard Cohen Gave Me 200 Franc, interview by Martin Oestergaard, Euroman, September 2001. (Denmark)
August 30 Leonard's North American press tour (July and August, 2001) detailed.

Date of Addition Site Additions for July
July 29 Leonard Cohen: "We are instruments of a will
that is not our own,"
interview by Jordi Saladrigas, ABC Sunday Supplement, July 22, 2001. (Spain)
July 25 A new photo of Sharon and Leonard added in The Production Team section.
July 19 The incredible lyrics for all the songs from Ten New Songs are detailed.
July 18 New photos added in the Latest News section and Press Clippings section.
July 14 Leonard's European press tour (June 27 - July 13, 2001) detailed.
July 14 The Return of the Dalai Cohen: The Canadian Singer to Release Ten New Songs in October by Juan Carlos Merino, La Vanguardia, July 6, 2001. (Spain)
July 14 Leonard Cohen in Madrid Yesterday to Present Some of His "News Songs" by Antonio Rojas, ABC, July 5, 2001. (Spain)
July 8 Leonard Cohen Returns to the Present with
Ten New Songs
, Press Agency EFE, El Mundo, July 5, 2001. (Spain)
July 8 "C'est Lenoir" with Leonard Cohen, Sharon Robinson and Leanne Ungar, interview by Bernard Lenoir and Hugo Casavetti, France-Inter radio, June 27, 2001. (France)
July 8 Ten New Songs from Leonard Cohen, Columbia's Daily Dish, June 18, 2001.
July 8 Production Team for Ten New Songs detailed.
July 8 Song list for Ten New Songs detailed.

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