Leonard's North American Press Tour
July and August, 2001


During July and August, Leonard was interviewed by journalists in Los Angeles, New York and Montreal as part of the promotion for his new album. Below is a list of the media Leonard met with. Most of the articles and broadcasts associated with these interviews will be released in the Fall.

We hope you will watch your local media for these interviews and articles and share them with other Cohen fans by sending them along for posting on this site. Please forward any information you obtain to:

Patrice Clos (webmaster@patrice.org)
for articles in French

Marie Mazur (megan2c2b@aol.com)
for North American articles

Christof Graf (DrGrafSB@aol.com)
for articles in German

Jarkko Arjatsalo (ja@nebula.fi)
for European articles


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Canada (daily newspapers)

Toronto Globe and Mail
   by Doug Saunders
   (September 1 or 8 & September/October)
   with Sharon & Leonard
Canada (weekly)

Macleans Magazine
   by Brian Johnson,
   weekly national news magazine
   (incl. photo by Pierre Poulin) (October 1st)
Saturday Night Magazine
   by Mirelle Silcott,
   national weekly magazine
   (incl. photo)
Canada (magazines)

   by Helene De Billy,
   French regional monthly (October)
Elle Canada
   by Renee Gold,
   national glossy fashion magazine
   (incl. photo) (November)
Elle Québec
   by Danielle Laurin,
   French regional monthly fashion magazine
   (incl. photo) (November)
Elm Street
   by Brett Grainger,
   national glossy magazine
   (incl. photo by Monique Richard) (November)
Clin d'Oeil
   by Benoit Briere,
   Quebec monthly
Flare Magazine
   by Jennie Punter,
   national glossy fashion magazine
   (incl. photo by by Max Ababian) (October)
Canada (television)

   by Jana Lynne White,
   national adult contemporary video channel
   by Sonia Benezra,
   French adult contemporary video channel

United States
United States

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United States (newspapers)

Los Angeles Times
   by Robert Hillburn
   (incl. photo) (August)
New York Times
   by Ann Powers
Philadelphia Inquirer
   by Tom Moon
New York Observer
   by Frank DiGiacomo
   (incl. photo)
San Francisco Chronicle
   by Joel Selvin
   (incl. photo)
United States (weekly)

LA Weekly
   by Brendan Bernhard
   (October 4)
United States (magazine)

Vanity Fair Music Issue
GQ "Man of the Year" Issue
SPIN magazine
   by Mikal Gilmore
   (incl. photo) (October/November)
   by Michael Krugman
   (incl. photo) (November)
Rolling Stone
   by Mark Binelli
Manhattan File
   (incl. photo)
Tower's Pulse
   by J. Poet


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United Airlines In-Flight program
   running on national and international flights
United Airlines Hemispheres magazine

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Here you may read articles, interviews and reviews of Ten New Songs. View the list of newspapers, magazines, radio and television stations that interviewed Leonard during his European Press Tour of June 27-July 13 and North American Press Tour of July and August, 2001, and watch your local media for the articles/broadcasts.