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Books for Enhancing Adult Self-Esteem
Breaking the Chain of Low Self-Esteem by Marilyn J. Sorensen, Ph.D.
This book fully illuminates the experience of low self-esteem: the fear and the anxiety, the self-doubts and self-criticism, the self-defeating behaviors, and the insecurity in relationships and careers. It seeks to motivate you to alter self-sabotaging behaviors, challenge you to overcome your fears, teach you to value yourself, inspire you to change your thinking, and enable you to make better choices in relationships and in other areas of your life.
Going to Pieces Without Falling Apart by Mark Epstein, M.D.
An intimate guide to self-acceptance and discovery that offers a Buddhist perspective on wholeness within the framework of a Western understanding of self.
Thoughts without a Thinker: Psychotherapy from a Buddhist Perspective by Mark Epstein, M.D.
Foreword by the Dalai Lama. Classically trained psychiatrist Mark Epstein explores how Eastern spirituality can enhance Western psychology by helping patients go beyond merely recognizing their problems to healing them. 
The Highly Sensitive Person: How to Thrive When the World Overwhelms You by Elaine N. Aron, Ph.D.
Are you a highly sensitive person? Is time alone each day as essential to you as food and water? Are you "too shy" or "too sensitive" according to others? If your answers are yes, you may be a Highly Sensitive Person (HSP). Most of us feel overstimulated every once in a while, but for the highly sensitive person, it's a way of life. In this groundbreaking book, Dr. Elaine Aron, a clinical psychologist, workshop leader, and highly sensitive person herself, shows you how to identify this trait in yourself and make the most of it in everyday situations. Drawing on her many years of research and hundreds of interviews, she shows how you can better understand yourself and your trait to create a fuller, richer life.
Feeling Good: The New Mood Therapy by David D. Burns, M.D.
In clear, simple language, Feeling Good outlines a drug-free cure for anxiety, guilt, pessimism, procrastination, low self-esteem, and other "black holes" of depression. The amazing, scientifically proven techniques described by eminent psychiatrist David D. Burns, M.D., will show you what you can do immediately to lift your spirits and develop a positive outlook on life.
A Woman's Self-Esteem: Struggles and Triumphs in the Search for Identity by Nathaniel Branden
An inspirational guide tailored to the special needs of women. Based on the intimate stories of women who have struggled with issues of self-esteem, this invaluable book offers step-by-step guidance for women who want to transform themselves and create lives that are powerful, energized, and motivated.
When I Say No, I Feel Guilty by Manuel J. Smith, Ph.D.
The bestseller that helps you say: "I just said 'no' and I don't feel guilty!" Are you letting your kids get away with murder? Are you allowing your mother-in-law to impose her will on you? Are you embarrassed by praise or crushed by criticism? Are you having trouble coping with people? Learn the answers in When I say no, I feel guilty. The bestseller with revolutionary new techniques for getting your own way by Manuel J. Smith, Ph.D.
In the Meantime: Finding Yourself and the Love You Want by Iyanla Vanzant
Every living being wants to experience the light of love. The problem is that our windows are dirty! The windows of our hears and minds are streaked with past pains and hurts, past memories and disappointments. The windows are so clouded by fear, self-doubt, and inaccurate information that the light of love cannot shine through. We must clean the windows, floors, walls, closets, and corners of our mind. We must mop and sweep away the stuff that trips us up, keeps us confused, and makes the meantime miserable. In this book, Iyanla Vanzant tells us how we can do this thorough mental housekeeping. If we do a good job of it, the light will come through. Once that happens, our spirits will shine, bringing in the light of true love and happiness.
Books for Enhancing a Child's Self-Esteem
Your Child's Self-Esteem by Dorothy Corkille Briggs
Self-image is your child's most important characteristic. How to help create strong feelings of self-worth is the central challenge for every parent and teacher. The formula for how is spelled out in Your Child's Self-Esteem.
[Note: If you are an adult suffering low self-esteem and you don't know why, reading this book may provide you some insights.]
101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body by Brenda Lane Richardson and Elane Rehr
With negative messages bombarding our girls on a daily basis -- from misguided adults, from peers, from the media -- how can our daughters possibly feel good about their bodies? While you may not single-handedly be able to change society, there are ways to make sure that your daughter's sense of self is strong and sustaining. In fact, this hands-on guide offers 101 ways! In 101 Ways to Help Your Daughter Love Her Body, two mothers -- one a clinical psychologist, the other an award-winning journalist -- have teamed up to provide parents with practical ideas tailored to girls from birth through the teenage years. Psychologically astute and fun to read, this proactive guide will help define a new generation of healthy girls. There's no better time than now to help our daughters, young and growing, learn to love their bodies.

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